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I realised this morning that I didn't write any panning goals this year so I can't check back in now and tell you how I went with them: annoying, since I normally do that each year.

Hoh well. What I'll instead do now is nut out what I would like to achieve with my panning projects for 2019, since I'm currently thinking about those and sorting through which things I'll be working on and which things I'll be leaving aside until 2020.

Let's have a look.


I recently bought two bronzers and while that's ok because I did finish three in 2018, it still means I've got some work to do because my aim is to have no more than four bronzers and I now have six.

My aim next year will be to pan two completely and make some good progress on one more. While this won't be easy, I know it's achievable because bronzers are pan-able and it is possible to get through one within six months if you're committed.

Unfortunately, though, I don't have huge amounts of progress showing on the bronzers currently in my collection so it will take some work. At the moment I know I'm going to pan my Bobbi Brown bronzer, but I may also work on one or even two of the ones in my custom palettes: these being my Kevyn Auvoin and Benefit bronzers.

If I can pan two, then I've got my collection down to roughly where I want it.


Blushes are the hardest things to pan but I do need to get through some so I'll be aiming to finish two next year.

Indeed, I've already started working on one to give myself a three-month head-start, so I can kick that out within the first six months of next year - although I'm also aware that this mightn't happen because, in my experience, even 3g of blush can take a whole year to pan.

I'll try. My aim will be to get my Kevyn Aucoin blush in Dolline and my Hourglass blush in Dim Infusion out the door next year - knowing that even if I pan one of those, I'll be doing well.

After that, my blush collection will be getting closer to where I want it to be, and although I doubt I'll reduce it to seven blushes (my ultimate goal) in 2019, at least I can set myself up to do that in 2020.


For some unknown reason I've developed a primer issue, and even though I managed to get things right down this year, I still managed to push things up again by buying more so I'll need to work on this category again next year.

While I'm expecting to kick a couple out by the end of this year, that won't be enough and I'll be aiming to finish four more next year. This should be achievable because I've made a good start on a few already, although there will be some that I'll have to make a proper start on next year because I've barely used them.

Once I've done that, so long as I haven't bought too many more in, I'll have achieved my goal of having no more than four primers by the end of 2019.

Liquid bases

By this I mean anything that falls within the liquid foundation, BB/CC cream and tinted moisturiser category.

I don't have many liquid bases at the moment so I suspect that next year will be mainly about using the ones I have open and getting through them as and when it happens. Still, I have one tinted moisturiser and one foundation that I don't like, so I'll be aiming to get through those next year. Plus one of my foundations has been open for over a year and I'll soon need to turn my mind to panning it.

That's three bases I hope to pan next year.

Liquid/cream highlighters

I have three of these at the moment and I really want to get through the cushion highlighter and also the mini cream highlighter that I received in one of Mecca's Beauty Loop boxes.

Note that the cushion was previously in my declutter pile so it hasn't yet been counted in my makeup inventory, and I'm intending to knock it out before my next inventory update so keep your fingers crossed for me.

The mini shouldn't take too long to pan: it's just a matter of finding the space for it, which mightn't be until next year.

After panning those I'll be down to my goal of having no more than one liquid highlighter, with space for a purchase if I would like to have a back-up ready to go.

Powder highlighters

This category is in something of a holding pattern because it's not my worst category and I don't want to have any more than seven of them, which I currently don't (I have seven stand-alone highlighters exactly) so it's flown under the radar for a while.

Having said this, I don't need to have quite so many and I would like to start working on reducing what I do have. While my Laura Mercier highlighter is already on the way out (so that will be gone by next year), I want to set my sights on panning at least one more by the end of 2019, and I suspect that will be Kevyn Aucoin's Candlelight - which I've already started quietly working on because it's the oldest highlighter in my collection.

After that I'll be turning my eyes towards the Becca highlighters in my custom palettes, with the 2019 aim of reducing one of them in size enough to justify re-pressing it into a smaller pan. Looking forward.


Next year I'll be panning my Too Faced Natural Matte Eyeshadow Palette, and even though I've used quite a bit of it, I still expect that to take me the whole year.

At the same time, though, I want to work on other things so I'm currently looking at my collection and deciding whether or not I want to keep working through the shadows in my custom palettes or instead pan one of my Hourglass quints alongside the Too Faced palette. We'll see. 

It would be nice to knock out two palettes next year to get my numbers down (my eyeshadow collection has blown up over the past two years), although I'm not sure I can achieve that because I don't get through eyeshadows very quickly.

Let's just say that I definitely want to finish one palette next year and at least six single shadows, whether those come from another pre-made palette or from something else. Achievable. Just.

Lip products

I'm not too concerned about my lip product category because I've managed to reduce things a lot, although I would like to finish two of the lipsticks I have open and also two of the glosses: I have too many glosses at the moment and bringing things down a little will help.

I don't expect to have any issues with this category because I find lip products easy to pan, but I still wanted to note it so I can keep it front-of-mind and also remind myself to avoid buying too much stuff as I finish things.

In sum

I'm pleased to have my panning goals set down for 2019 and I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into things.

As mentioned above, I'm annoyed with myself that I didn't manage to set goals down for this year, although at least I've noted some goals in my makeup inventories as I've gone along so we can track things that way.

That's all from me. Let me know in the comments what your panning goals are for next year: I'd love to hear.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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