Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask - review


I've already been through a few sachets of this product so I had a good idea of how I felt about it before I opened this travel-sized tube a while ago.

That is, it doesn't work for me and it doesn't do anything for my skin, plus it feels uncomfortable as it dries down so my dry skin will be happy to see it finished.

Origins claims/product details:

  • Say no more to pores with this natural clay mask that digs deep to unclog toxins, dirt and debris for a clear and radiant complexion
  • Environmental pollutants can play havoc with our skin, clogging pores with dirt, debris and other nasties
  • Designed to give your pores a deep, thorough clean
  • Formulated with the benefits of activated charcoal, which act like a magnet to draw out deep-dwelling pore-cloggers, this creamy smooth mask also packs white china clay to quickly absorb oil, while lecithin eradicates impurities to leave skin clean as a whistle
  • The results include skin that is soft, smooth and purified, with fewer breakouts and minimised pores
  • RRP $24 AUD for 50ml or $39 AUD for 100ml


This mask doesn't work for me and I don't recommend it. Do note that while it's had some good reviews on Mecca's website, there are also plenty of people who feel that this doesn't do anything for them so it's not just me and I would certainly test this before purchase.

It's a charcoal-coloured mask that's more like a gel in texture than a traditional mud mask and for some reason I have issues getting a smooth, even coverage from it (it's a little gloopy or something), which means I have to keep applying more of it to fill in the gaps.

I've been using it twice a week for the past while and what I notice most is that my skin feels uncomfortable as the product dries down. I'm not sure whether others have experienced this issue or whether it's just because my skin is dry and it can't tolerate the product well.

Unfortunately it's also one of those masks that doesn't give me any positive benefits after use, and the only change I've noticed is that my face feels more dry and has that squeaky clean, stripped feeling after I've washed it off. Perhaps it works better for other skin types.

On the claims: no I don't think this unclogs toxins, dirt and debris for a clear and radiant complexion; no I don't think it gives my pores a deep, thorough clean (but it does strip my skin a little); and no I don't think it leaves me with skin that is soft, smooth and purified. It hasn't done anything for my break-outs either.

Overall I don't like this mask and I can't recommend it. It doesn't suit my dry skin because it dries me out and leaves my face feeling stripped, plus I haven't seen any positive benefits while using it so I may end up using the rest of it as a body mask, just to get through it. Life's too short.


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