Batiste Dry Shampoo in Beautiful Brunette - review


I've been using this dry shampoo for ages now and I've been meaning to review it for a while, it's just that I've had to sneak in other posts first.

But I've almost finished it so best I review it before it's gone for good. While I reckon it's ok, it's nowhere near as good as Batiste's original formula - so I would recommend the latter over this coloured formula any day. More on that below.

Batiste claims/product details:

  • Coloured formula revitalises darker hair with a shot of colour
  • Doesn't leave any greasy residue or white marks, ensuring that hair looks vibrant and never dull
  • The perfect fix for great-looking hair, even between washes
  • A few quick bursts instantly transforms your look
  • Your hair will look clean and fresh, with added body and texture, no water required
  • The perfect way to extend your blow dry, free up time in the morning or give your hair a new lease on life - whenever, wherever it needs it
  • Available in Beautiful Brunette and Divine Dark
  • RRP $12.99 AUD for 200ml or $19.99 AUD for 400ml, but do shop around

If you're interested in seeing my reviews of some of Batiste's other dry shampoos, see eg:


This is an ok dry shampoo and I'm glad I've tried it, but I wouldn't buy it again. Reason being, it's not as good as the Batiste range I've linked above and I'll be sticking with that from now on.

It's a standard dry shampoo that has a faint, hairspray-like scent that's not overpowering (nor does it linger for very long) so it doesn't bother me.

While I do think it works reasonably well as a dry shampoo, it's nothing like the other Batiste formula. What the other formula does is make my hair look and feel cleaner and fresher, plus it adds body and texture to boot. It also works on product build-up and has a detangling effect.

As for this one, it soaks up some normal 'human' grease so it's fine for a one-time use (I can only get an extra day from this before I need to wash my hair again) and it also adds some body and thickness to my hair, but it doesn't do the other things.

That is, it does nothing for shine and it doesn't deal with product build-up (eg, if I've added too much leave-in treatment to my hair). Plus it's a useless detangler and it doesn't make my hair feel softer - if anything, it makes it feel a little powdered and coated.

Do note that the coloured aspect doesn't do much for me either. I'd hoped that it would conceal the random greys in my hair, but that of course was wishful thinking. If I direct the nozzle towards the patches with more grey hairs in them, some of them will look a little less grey but most of them will look the same. Hoh well. One of these days I'll dye my hair to take care of that issue ; )

One thing to note is that, if you touch your hair after using this, your hands will feel a bit powdered and they'll also look a little brown - but that doesn't bother me because, with young kids, I have wipes on hand to deal with that immediately. However I've seen from the online reviews that this aspect does bother some people, so I wanted to mention it.

Overall this product is ok and while I don't think it's awful, I don't recommend it. Indeed, I'm looking forward to finishing this so I can try my next fragrance in the originals. 

Not my favourite from Batiste.

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