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It's been an odd week because my husband's mum is coming out from Mexico to stay in Australia for a few months, and she'll be with us for some of the time so we've had to do a big clean-out of the house and garden (she arrives today).

Yes those things needed to be done anyway, but there's been a timeline on them so Mex and I have done a lot of extra work over the last fortnight and our bodies are paying for it. Hoh well. At least most of it's done now.

Anyhoo! As always I'm drowning in review posts and photos, and I want to get myself to the point where I don't have quite so many items in the queue. This will take a while, though, because I've just photographed another round of larger samples and also sachets, meaning that the bathroom cabinet is overloaded with little items and I need to test them all in the next month or so.

I digress. This body scrub. I'm a sucker for a good coffee scrub and this is a good one. Indeed, I'd be happy to try more from this brand because they have other scents, so I'm looking forward to doing that down the track.

Body Blendz claims/product details:

  • Treat yourself to a tropical getaway thanks to a blend of ground Arabica coffee beans and coconut oil
  • Your skin will be scented with a sweet coco bliss
  • With carefully chosen ingredients, this doesn’t just scrub away dry skin but penetrates deep into the layers, leaving your skin moisturised and smooth
  • The Arabica coffee ingredient will help eliminate pesky little impurities such as cellulite, stretchmarks and skin blemishes, leaving your skin fresh and young-looking
  • Use two to three times a week
  • RRP $14.99 AUD for 200g, but do shop around (I bought mine for around ten bucks at Chemist Warehouse)

The product comes in the standard foil pouch that usually houses scrubs like this one. I don't mind this kind of packaging but it can be messy so I would like to see someone start trying to do something different.

There it is below:


This is a nice product and I'm enjoying using it. While I don't love it as much as I love my HG Mr Bean Coffee Scrub (reviewed here), it's still good and to be honest there's probably not much difference between them - it's just that the Mr Bean product is softer so it adheres better to the skin than this one does. Otherwise they pretty much do the same thing.

Dry scrubs have been all the rage for years now and I've lost count of how many I've tried. Most of them are interchangeable because they scrub well but tend to be quite messy and a hassle to use. I can say the same of this one, although it's certainly not the worst I've tried and it does adhere to skin better than some.

Mind you, you'll still lose a bit in the shower as it falls off your skin - no matter how careful you are - so that's something to keep in mind if the messiness of dry scrubs bothers you.

The product smells like coffee and coconut, and it's a scent I enjoy. Indeed, I like using coffee scrubs for the scent alone. Note there are visible sugar grains in this formula, which is really the only difference between this one and other coffee scrubs I've used.

I use this twice a week and my skin always feels polished and refreshed after use. I'm someone who enjoys a rougher scrub for my body (my face is another story) and this one fits the bill nicely. Note, though, that if you prefer gentle scrubs, then this mightn't be for you.

I'm not going to bother commenting on whether this meets its claims of targeting things like cellulite and stretchmarks because those things are largely hereditary and there's not much you can do about them. But I do feel that this helps stimulate blood flow and my skin always looks happier after use, so that's something.

All in all, this is a nice product and I'm enjoying it. While it mightn't be the best coffee scrub I've used, it's still good and it's readily available at the chemist for a reasonable price so that's always a plus. Worth mentioning is that I prefer it over some of the other coffee scrubs I've used lately (eg I didn't like the Byron Body one so much, reviewed here, because it was too waxy), and I would buy it again.


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