Beauty Firm Rubbing Jelly Scrub - review


I received this cute little scrub in Memebox Special #59 Scrub 2, and was happy with the inclusion because I don't have anything like it.

Plus I like the little box (SO important, I know ; ) ) and I've got that on display in the bathroom.

Beauty Firm claims/product details:
  • Has a pop cap with an applicator of silicone jelly bristles
  • Contains a super skin-smoothing blend of argan oil, apricot seeds and panthenol to gently polish and moisturise dry and calloused elbows and heels
  • The bristle pad aims to gently yet effectively loosen up dead skin to reveal brighter skin underneath
  • To use: turn the brush to open the product, squeeze out the scrub formula and massage over heels and elbows; rinse the brush after each use
  • RRP $7 for 60ml


This is a sweet little scrub but I think it's probably more gimmicky than amazing to use. Having said this, I'm enjoying using it and will probably get through it quite quickly.

Despite my excitement over the interesting inclusion of the silicone bristle pad, I find myself not using that too much and instead squeezing the scrub onto my usual shower puff and doing things that way. Call me lazy or a creature of habit - who knows ; )

I'm also using it everywhere and not just confining it to my elbows and heels.

It's a transparent gel that contains a decent amount of brown, scrubby matter. I thought it would have a nicer smell to be honest (I guess because of the apricots pictured on the box), but it doesn't smell great - not bad, just not too good either.

It does the job well enough but it's not the best scrub I've used - plus I think $7US is quite a steep price for a 60g body scrub!

Fair, but not stand-out. I wouldn't rush out and buy this.

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