SweetPea & Fay Liquid Lipsticks in Beluga and Ranunculus - review


I reviewed these products a while back in the colours Mermaid Kiss and Paper Cut (see here). I picked those two up via the FB Violet Box Swap group, and since I liked them and they're a nicely cheap product, I picked up a couple more later on for around $8 each.

They were sitting in my unopened stores for months because I have so many lip products on the go, but a couple of weeks ago I decided it was time to crack them open.

I'll rehash a little of the background info that I included in the Mermaid Kiss/Paper Cut post, just for completeness.

SweetPea & Fay claims/product details:
  • VERY VERY pigmented
  • Products glide on with a rich creamy texture and a soft french vanilla flavour
  • Cosmetics are handcrafted, giving them an artisian quality that is rare in the cosmetics industry
  • RRP $13 for 10g (but do shop around, particularly at this time of year with all the specials in the lead-up to Christmas)
  • 100% cruelty free
  • Comes with a slanted applicator tip
  • See ingredients here
  • Lightly blot for a liquid lipstick look or build up for a more glossy shine
  • Available from the Violet Box shop

SweetPea & Fay describes itself as 'girly, quirky yet edgy, pushing the limits of what is typically pretty and bringing to the table a different view on traditional makeup.' I like the idea of that : )

See above swatches, Ranunculus above and Beluga below. What I'd wanted with these was a pale peachy coral (Beluga) and a warm nude (Ranunculus). While they do look like those kinds of colours in the above swatch, unfortunately they both pull very very pale on my lips and neither is exactly what I was after - see below.

Here's Ranunculus in natural light:

It's described as a soft pastel pink with a completely opaque look. While that's an accurate description, the picture on the SweetPea & Fay website doesn't quite match up.

Here it is again, a bit more sun showing (looks like I've got some kind of vanishing lip act going on):

And Beluga, in natural light:

It's described as a neon soft orange with peach undertones. It SO doesn't look like that on me! Plus the picture on the SweetPea & Fay website is way off.

Beluga again, direct sunlight (as you can see, it's heading towards white):


Obviously I'm rather bummed about the colours - neither works well on me. The only saving grace is that I do have a lot of big bang lipstick colours and, while I love them, they're not for everyday wear and it's always good to have a pale mixer shade to dumb them down a bit, which is what I'll likely use these two products for.

In terms of claims, they are indeed pigmented and nicely creamy. In this sense they're more like Paper Cut and less like Mermaid Kiss, which I found chalky and drying. I've read that a few of the lighter colours in this range have that kind of consistency and can also be hard to squeeze out of the tube. I haven't experienced the tube issue, so maybe I've been lucky.

As for longevity, a lot of bloggers etc have commented on the superior lasting power of these lipsticks. I haven't experienced this: while they do last longer than some, the staying power isn't brilliant and they come off on my coffee cup like any other product. 

Would I recommend these? With the $13 price tag, yes I would - particularly if you want to pick up a couple of seasonal colours that you mightn't get a massive amount of use from.

Decent products at a great price. As for the colour issue, I did do plenty of research (as in, I went bananas Googling swatches) before buying these and the paleness of these might well have a lot to do with my skintone because I thought they'd suit me, based on the pictures I saw. 

If you're a pale-skinned lass, these colours might look amazeballs on you. If you have medium skin (or darker), I'd be careful - these shades mightn't work for you either.

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