Natio Spa Recovery Hand Scrub - review


I picked this one up half-price at Priceline a few months ago, and this post has been sitting in my drafts for a while. Problem is, a hand scrub is not something I think to use on a regular basis - even though it's out there in plain sight in the shower - so I hadn't felt that I'd used it enough to review it properly until recently.

Ever since I started this blog back in June, I've made a concerted effort to actually use and finish the hoards of products I have open. This is one of those products, and while it's a long way off being finished, I've definitely made some in-roads into it so I'm glad about that. As we know, I really hate waste ; )

Natio claims/product details:
  • Gentle and intensive exfoliant to encourage skin renewal and help even out skintone
  • With sea salt and shea butter, and antioxidant rich vitamin e, ginger, and lavender and orange essential oils
  • Hands will feel noticeably softer and smoother
  • Application: massage a liberal amount onto wet hands and rinse off with warm water
  • Shelf-life: 12 months after opening
  • RRP $10.95 for 90g, but do shop around because it's often on special somewhere
  • Broadly available; eg from Natio's website


I really like this. What I've noticed about hand scrubs as opposed to body scrubs, is that they're generally more moisturising and do contain eg oils to leave your hands soft - as this does.

It's a white gel with plenty of scrubby matter, and it does the job well. I've also been using it on my elbows and feet since they could do with a little extra exfoliation and hydration action, and it works a treat on those too.

It smells nice - mainly of orange and lavender - and the scent isn't overpowering, just lingers a little after use, which I like.

My hands definitely feel smoother and nicer after using this product. The challenge for me is to remember to keep using it, since hand scrubs aren't products that have ever been part of my usual routine.

Ticks from me.

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