ddung Lipstick in DL10 Pure Peach - review


I received this from Memebox in Special #73 F/W Natural Makeup.

While I still think the name of this company is up there with the least thought-through on the planet (along with Jelly Pong Pong), I was pleased with the inclusion. I was lucky enough to get DL10 Pure Peach (the other options being beige and orange), and while I might have been happy with any of those, I've got enough nudes and brights in the lipstick department and could have done with something in the mid-tone range (as this is).

ddung claims/product details:
  • Lipstick adheres tightly to lips with lasting suppleness and radiance
  • Offers a satiny, long-wear finish
  • Contains conditioning agent to keep lips hydrated
  • RRP $24 for 3.5g

Unfortunately I couldn't find any more info online for this product (at least not in English). A common problem with products from Memebox!

I do like the colour. I do not however like the packaging. I am not 12.

Here it is swatched above on my hand and below I'm wearing it on my lips. 

The colour is nice and I like the satiny sheen, but you can tell especially from the lip shot below that this isn't a great product - just look at the chalkiness and creasing.


While I love the colour of this lipstick and it feels nice and creamy on, it's not a great product. It certainly doesn't 'adhere tightly to lips' and its lasting power is pretty rubbish.

Also, the quality is suspect: it broke after only a few uses, so I now have a broken lipstick that's covered in puppy fur from the carpet (!).

As mentioned, another issue I've found is that it sits in creases and looks patchy on, so I need to wear a gloss over the top to avoid the whole wrinkled lip look. Hmph. 

What I've done with it is add it to a tub of lipgloss that I fill with lipstick ends and use sporadically on days when I'm at home. The tub gets changed every year or so and, prior to that, I use what's in there as a foot treatment (since lipsticks/glosses generally have a lanolin base and contain oils - great for feet). This means I'll get some use from the product and it does fare much better when combined with a decent gloss.

A dud product, basically. Foo. Don't bother.

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