Cheek Room Eye & Lip Makeup Remover - review


I received this Cheek Room Lip & Eye Makeup Remover in Memebox Special #60 Oil Therapy. When I sat down to write this review, I'd forgotten which box it came in and it now makes sense - this is one oily makeup remover. Hands down it's the oiliest remover I've used. 

While that's not necessarily a bad thing (since makeup tends to be oily and like dissolves like), I thought I'd point that out because some may struggle with the oil factor.

As mentioned in my review of that box, I wasn't too excited to see yet another Cheek Room product: I've received something from the brand in so many boxes and really haven't been impressed thus far. Having said this, everything I've tried has been a makeup item and this is more of a skincare one (or at least a hybrid product), so I was hoping Cheek Room could redeem itself.

Cheek Room claims/product details:
  • Moisturising: contains betaine and green-tea extract to soothe skin and keep it moist, leaving a soft feeling
  • Rose water cleanses and leaves a fresh, clean finish
  • Silky and light: cleans mildly
  • Two layer balance: cyclomethicone and water completely remove grime and makeup 
  • RRP $12 for 100ml


While this works reasonably well, I don't love it. It's super greasy and leaves a film of oil on your skin: I find myself needing to double cleanse afterwards just to get rid of the product itself and any dirt/makeup left behind.

The over-representation of some brands (eg Cheek Room, Shara Shara) is, to me, a reason to avoid buying too many Memeboxes - and to stop buying them for now. Particularly because I haven't had much luck with those two brands thus far.

All this product has done is remind me that it's not a bad idea to include a makeup remover in your daily routine, since they do remove the surface muck and really allow your cleanser to get in there and do its job.

I'm looking forward to getting rid of this product so I can source another one. As you may know, I'm on a beauty spending ban - but I think I can slip a makeup remover in because I'm allowed to replace basic/essential items that I don't have, and I do find removers useful.

In sum? Don't bother. Another dud from Cheek Room unfortunately, although it's certainly not the worst product of theirs that I've tried.

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