ModelCo Gel Eyeliner in Black with Inbuilt Brush - review


Unfortunately, this might be the last ModelCo post I do (unless I wind up with more products via subscription boxes). Reason being, there was an issue with the Lip Lacquers in our Lust Have It boxes (the ModelCo website is way off on colour) and the company handled it badly.

Briefly, I ordered Casablanca - which shows up on the ModelCo website as purple. It's in fact a muddy browny pink. Myself and others wrote to LHI and ModelCo about this and ModelCo's response was some rubbish about everyone's computer screens having different resolutions. And yet we all expected purple because it quite clearly looked purple! While one expects some slight variations in colour, this was off the charts. It was the same for the shade Viva, apparently.

Due to the way ModelCo handled the issue (no apology given, no change in the website colours etc), I won't be buying any of their products - nor will I be reviewing them on this blog. This will be my last ModelCo post, unless a product falls in my lap that I have something distinctive to say about.

For now, I'll just do an objective review of this, since I have the draft sitting here and because I also wanted to mention how ModelCo handled the Lip Lacquer mix up. With so many brands available these days, how companies handle things and their general customer service is becoming more and more important (it's certainly important to me), and I think it's worth saying something when you have a particularly good or bad experience.

But moving on!

ModelCo claims/product details:
  • For a deeper, more intense look on your eyes, you can't go past ModelCo Gel Eyeliner with Inbuilt Brush
  • Midnight black gel eyeliner
  • Super smooth gel texture glides over lids for an easy application with maximum results
  • Shelf-life: six months
  • RRP $32 for 2ml; available at eg

To use: pull the top half of the lid upwards to reveal the inbuilt applicator brush. Turn the brush on its side and gently glide a small amount of formulation along your lash line, working your way from the inside corner outwards, using short, even strokes. Clean brush and ensure cap is tightly closed after use.

You can see below that it does give a strong, midnight black line. The in-built brush is handy and I like the size of the tub - it's not too much product so you have a chance at making a dent in it before the gel goes hard. 

Less product also means the tub is smaller, so it's a great purse size (unlike many gels I own, which are too big and contain more product than you could ever hope to get through before expiry).

And again below. No complaints about the quality of the gel: a nice, strong line that stays put.


This is a good product and one I enjoyed using for a while - it's just that I've gone off gel eyeliners (particularly in black) and now prefer to use a soft brown pencil or brown/grey eyeshadow (applied wet) to do the job. This creates a softer line and a more natural look. But if you're after something that lines hard and well - and stays put - this is a great product for that.

It applies nicely and the consistency is easy to work with. The brush applicator is handy and, as mentioned, I like the smaller size of this product. It's definitely one that will take up less room in your makeup bag than your usual gel pot.

This comes off well enough although you will need a decent cleanser/makeup remover to get the job done properly. But I'd rather a gel that doesn't immediately come off in water, otherwise you're stuffed if it rains or if you're sweating.

It's also a great product to line your lower waterline with, and I can't say that about all gel liners (some come off far too easily and you have to reapply throughout the day). This one fares much better by comparison.

That's all from me! I'm passing this product on to my sister-in-law because she loves a hard line (and it suits her), but I'm glad I've trialled this product. Just cross me off the ModelCo customer list due to the other issue ; )

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