Holika Holika Pig-nose Clear Blackhead Deep Cleansing Oil Balm - review


I received this in Memebox Special #60 Oil Therapy. Since I didn't have anything like it open at the time, I decided to sneak it forward in the cleanser queue and use it straight away.

As mentioned in my review of that box, I'm desperately in love with Happy Skincare's Deep Cleansing Balm and this looked like a similar product - so I wondered whether it would cut the mustard. (It didn't.)

Holika Holika claims/product details:
  • One of Holika Holika's cult favourites
  • Goes on as a solid balm and transforms into a silky oil that dissolves blackheads, oil and impurities
  • Contains pink clay to extract oil and blackheads from the pores, lemon extracts to clarify and smooth out the skin's surface, and aloe vera leaf extracts to soothe inflamed skin and shrink enlarged pores
  • Application: take a small amount and softly massage over blackhead-prone areas; rinse off with lukewarm water
  • RRP $8 for 25g


This isn't a terrible product, it's just not great. And it's true that it's not unlike Happy's cleansing balm, which is a far superior product. So I guess I've been spoiled by that one, and this one was starting from a bad position.

In terms of claims, any product that promises to 'dissolve' blackheads (ha, haha), oil and impurities is bound to disappoint. I'm not sure you could dissolve blackheads unless you chucked 'em in turpentine or some such.

It goes on smoothly and is very greasy - for this reason I think it's better for winter, when my skin's drier and prefers a gentler cleanser.

While it does dissolve makeup, it doesn't do it particularly well and I always have to cleanse again afterwards. Indeed, I need to do an extra round of cleansing just to remove this product first - because it is oily and doesn't wash off well in water.

Hoh well. At least the tub is small so I'll get through it reasonably quickly.

Low marks from me unfortunately.

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