So Susan Water-based Pure Luminizer - review


I received this product from Violet Box ages ago and only opened it last month because I had a couple of other liquid illuminators to get through first.

I haven't had the most consistent experience with this brand (some products are great, others questionable) and many LHI subscribers who received this in a recent box complained that the tube was almost empty. My tube wasn't too full either, although I do think there was 15ml of product in there - it's just a lot of empty space was in there too.

Liquid illuminator is something I use on a daily basis. Some lasses mix theirs in with their foundation, which I would do with a non-glittery product like Benefit's High Beam, but I wouldn't do with something like this - otherwise I'd wind up with sparkle face.

What I do instead is mix some in with my primer and chuck my usual BB/CC cream over the top. This gives me a glow without making me look as though I've had a fight with the Christmas tinsel.

So Susan claims/product details:
  • A water-based liquid illuminator
  • Infused with micronised pearlescent pigments to create the perfect wash of light on your cheekbones, browbones and the natural contours of your face
  • 100% cruelty-free 
  • RRP $35AUD for 15g

See above unblended swatch and blended below. As you can see it's quite a runny product and a little goes a long way.

It does have noticeable sparkles unfortunately (albeit that they're finely milled), so I wouldn't wear this product on its own. Metal face alert.


This is a good product, although I certainly wouldn't have paid $35 for it.

While I'm enjoying using it, I prefer illuminators without noticeable glitter. That way you can wear them on their own or on top of foundation without looking like Tinkerbell. You can't do that with this product unfortunately, although it works well enough in the primer mix I describe above.

It's very runny (I guess that's because it's water-based) and you only need a little bit, so the tube will probably last longer than most. That's a plus if you're considering buying this.

It's a pearly pink product that would suit most lasses, although I'd like to see a bronze version (and I think bronze generally works better for those of us with medium skin).

In short, I like this but I wouldn't go out and buy it, and I think there are plenty of other better (and cheaper!) options available on the market. For $35 you might as well buy Benefit's High Beam ($26USD) and get it sent out from the US.

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