Le Tan Gradual Tan, Daily Glow Moisturising Body Lotion with SPF 15 - review


I've been using and loving this product for years and years. What's amazing is that I'm only coming to review it now.

While it's not the best tanning product on the market, nor the best moisturiser, nor does it contain masses of sunscreen, the fact that it combines all three makes it a winner - and a budget winner at that.

While it retails at $8.49 for 250ml (hardly a bank-breaker), I always manage to find it discounted somewhere. It's usually around October when the sun starts sneaking out a bit that I decide I'm looking far too pasty, and I need to think more about sun protection. That leads me to source this on special, and you can usually find it at any big pharmacy or supermarket. From memory I got this tube half-price (yay!).

Le Tan claims/product details:
  • The all-in-one sunscreen, moisturiser and tanner! 
  • Le Tan SPF15 Daily Glow creates a natural looking, subtle tan, gradually building each time you apply
  • Enriched with moisturising qualities, this specially formulated lotion can easily be worked into your daily routine, keeping your skin silky smooth while letting it glow all year round
  • Within 5 days you will notice a change to your skin colour
  • Also works well when used with your instant tanner to protect your colour
  • Suitable for face application
  • To use: apply to skin daily as you would a moisturiser, spreading evenly and letting it absorb into skin prior to dressing; wash hands immediately after use
  • RRP $8.49 for 250ml, but as mentioned, do shop around

For more info, see Le Tan's website.


I probably should have given you some before and after shots so you could see the tanning action, but when I cracked this open a couple of months back, I didn't think to do it. Needless to say, I'm looking much browner since I started using it again.

What I normally do is use it consistently for eg a week (until I'm at my happy brown colour), then I'll use it say twice weekly after that to maintain my colour.

What I love about it (other than that it works as a tanning product) is that it's nicely moisturising and makes my skin feel good. Some may find it a little greasy (that's probably the sunscreen), but I find it hydrating and I do like myself a heavier body/face cream.

Anything with built-in sun protection is good by me, although I wouldn't rely on this for a whole day - you'd need to apply sunscreen after a couple of hours. 

And anything that doesn't break the bank gets extra points.

Lots of ticks from me. It's almost a HG product. Almost. It's certainly one of the longest-standing members of the group of products I buy year after year.

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