The Cosmetic Kitchen Pressed Mineral Blush in Raw Cacao - review


We received this blush in our November Lust Have It Women's Boxes (see review here). It's a pressed powder blush from The Cosmetic Kitchen and we were able to choose from four shades: Tumeric, Acai Berry, Sherbet and Raw Cacao.

I chose Raw Cacao, even though I'd normally pick something in the coral/orange direction, because it was described as a 'neutral tan rose blend' and I don't have much in the brown/tan department.

While the colour does match the description and photo on The Cosmetic Kitchen's website well enough, I was expecting something a little browner and deeper in colour - you'll see from the below swatches that there's not much punch in this product and it doesn't show up well on my medium skin.

The Cosmetic Kitchen claims/product details:
  • All the original qualities of our radiant blushers and bronzers with an added drizzle of jojoba and herbal extracts for extra nourishment
  • These creamy, velvet-smooth blushes have been pressed into convenient mineral compacts
  • Apply with a kabuki brush on the apple of the cheek, extending the colour in an upward sweeping motion
  • RRP $34.95 for 8g
  • Shelf-life: 18 months

As you can see from the above and below swatches, the product barely shows up. On my skin, it might as well just be a powder highlighter.

I can't tell you how much product I had to apply in the above and below swatches to make it visible - it was a hell of a lot. 

Here it is below on my cheeks. It does add something, but not much - and again, I had to apply lots of it to get any kind of colour happening.

What this means is, you can really see the powder and it does start to look chalky/powdery when that much is applied (even though it's not a chalky/powdery product). So it's really not suitable for my cheeks.

Below I've put it on my eyelids too. Not sure if you can see it. The photos also probably don't show just how much blush I had to put on to make it visible, and therefore how obvious it is that I'm wearing powder on my face. Not a good look.


I'm not sure whether I'll keep this product yet or send it to a better home. As mentioned, it doesn't show up well enough for me to use it as a blush.

While I could use it as a highlighter, I have other highlighters I prefer (they're more pigmented and easier to work with) and I don't need another one.

It's unfortunate because this is actually a really lovely product in terms of quality. Adding jojoba oil and herbal extracts is a stroke of genius - the blush feels really creamy on (not chalky at all) and applies and blends well. It's such a pity: if it wasn't for the colour problem, I reckon I'd really love this product.

I think the packaging could be a bit more interesting (there's not even a logo marked on the top), but that's hardly the main thing ; ). What is good about the packaging is that it's sleek and should travel well.

If you have fair skin, I think this would be a lovely, subtle product. If you have medium or darker skin like me and want to keep the blush, try applying it wet as an eyeshadow - that seems to help with the pigmentation issues.

A nice product, just not a good colour for me.

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