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I received this kit in Memebox Special #35 Moisture Surge, and it's been one of those products that goes to show it pays to experiment and really give something a proper crack before discounting it: I didn't think much of the kit in the first week I used it, then I tried using it in a different way.

Instead of applying the toning and moisturising products in usual amounts, I applied at least double what I normally would (ie, so if I normally use a pea-sized amount of moisturiser to cover my face, neck and dec, I was now using at least two peas). The change was marked. This went from being a kit I wasn't that excited about to one I feel is doing some good for my skin.

While I don't really want to buy things that require that much product per use to make them effective, it's a good thing to learn that there are ways to make the most out of what you do have in stock. Since I've put myself on a spending ban for a whole year, that's certainly something I need to do!

The kit contains Black Bubble (a cleanser), Chan-mool Patting Essence (to be used in place of a toner) and the Water Block Jam (moisturiser).

I won't be able to give you a list of claims/product details for this (aside from the info I include for each product below) as I normally would, since I can't find any info online in English. All I can tell you is that the kit, which contains 3 x 30ml tubes, retails for $60USD.

Black Bubble Cleanser

The Black Bubble cleanser has an auto-bubble system and transforms into fine, minute bubbles for cleansing deep into your face. It's made from a naturally derived cleansing complex.

I like this product - it's quite cool to use (I'm talking about the bubbles that appear after application) and feels like it cleans reasonably well. Plus it has a nice smell, kind of like a men's shower product or aftershave.

While it's not the best cleanser I've used, I'm enjoying using it and it's my favourite item of the three. It's also the one that requires the least amount of product per application.

Chan-mool Patting Essence

The Chan-mool Patting Essence is to be used in place of a toner and aims to relieve, brighten and tighten the skin by creating a protective moisture barrier. The product card describes it as 'tangly and jelly-like textured'. Guess that's true, though I'd just call it a gel ; )

This is probably my least favourite item of the three - it's a little drying at first and smells like off gin. What I did notice, however, is that when I applied double the amount I normally would for a product like this, it seemed to have a better effect. While I don't think it's a great brightening/tightening product, it does have a cooling effect if you apply plenty of it. It's also a good base for the moisturiser and I can tell they work together (which is of course what you want from a kit like this one).

Water Block Jam

Last up is the Water Block Black Jam, which is designed to create a moisture wall over your skin: it achieves this via the black component extracted from plants and super hyaluronic acid. A single application will apparently last up to 48 hours without any further hydration (that last claim is rubbish, if you ask me).

This product is ok. It's a little sticky to use and if you don't apply enough of it, it certainly doesn't have any kind of plumping or brightening effect and leaves a thin film over your face without feeling like it's hydrating your skin in the process. 

If you do apply a double dose of it, however, it fares much better and there is some plumping/brightening. So if you're prepared to use a lot in order to get the best effect from the product, you may be pleasantly surprised by the difference between applying a normal amount and a double-duty one.

Note you can also apply it thickly and leave it on as an overnight treatment, although I have better products for this purpose - I only tried doing this a couple of times and wasn't wowed.

Overall verdict

As mentioned, I ended up liking this set more than I did to begin with - purely because I was lucky enough to discover that it works better when 'over-applied'.

While I wouldn't rush out and buy it, I'm certainly happy to get through the kit and my skin's looking pretty good after using it for a few weeks.

Have you ever found ways to use products that you weren't blown away by to begin with? I'm always up for hearing tricks/tips around how to make the most of the products you have : )

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