Lust Have It Women's Box December 2014


What a surprise to walk past the mailbox yesterday morning and see this package peeking through it - I'd never expected a delivery on 24 December! Particularly not an LHI delivery, seeing as I only got the tracking email a couple of days ago and normally there's a (very strange) wait of a week to ten days between email and arrival. If this means LHI has improved its systems, I'm glad and I really appreciate it : )

Another thing that was different this month: when we received the tracking email, there was also an option to view the contents of your box prior to delivery. I'm not sure whether this is an ongoing thing, or whether it's because LHI knew there was an error in the product cards sent out and they wanted to let us know and correct the error by emailing the correct card.

In any event, I of course checked my contents because I just can't help myself. And I was excited!

A nice, full package. I'm very happy to receive more items from both The Cosmetic Kitchen and Inika, so much so that I could ignore another DB inclusion ; )

Let's have a look.

Inika Pure Primer (RRP $60 for 50ml; received 30ml deluxe sample)

A 30ml primer is certainly a decent sized sample! This would actually be a full-sized product from many brands so it's a very generous size. I love most Inika products I've tried and love the packaging, so I'm over-mooned by this inclusion.

The primer contains a certified organic blend that offers protection and hydration for the skin prior to makeup application. Ingredients include avocado and apricot, and the product aims to prep the skin for foundation application, giving you an even canvas and improving the staying power of your makeup.

Cannot wait to open this one!

Designer Brands Extend a Brow (RRP $12.99; received full size)

When I told my husband that I'd received some 'falsies' for my eyebrows, he cracked up laughing. Don't blame him: my eyebrows are weeds that grow at a rate of knots and I spend half my life plucking and trimming them. So yes, I won't be using this one (!).

I'm sure many would be happy to try this product though - it's designed to thicken brows by beefing them up with mineral fibres.

Let's just ignore the fact that DB has reared its head yet again in a sub box ; )

The Cosmetic Kitchen Raw Chocolate Bath Salts (RRP $18.50 for 200g; received 'limited edition full size')

Oh how I wish we had a bath. I know I'm not the only subscriber who doesn't have one - what a disappointment! I really do want to try these: at $18.50 a pop, they must be good ; ). Maybe I'll borrow a friend's bath to give them a go.

According to the description, these are detoxifying salts that contain raw cacao, a powerful antioxidant that blocks free radicals. Sounds good.

Lonvitalite C1 Mask (RRP $9.95 for one mask)

Another sheet mask. Ha. I'm pretty sure I've tried this one before. It's apparently moisturising and nourishing, and aims to smooth out wrinkles and replenish skin with moisture. It contains vitamin C and can reduce the skin damage caused by UVA and UVB exposure. We'll see.

I'm probably sounding like a scratched record by now, but I'm rather sick of receiving sheet masks and I haven't had much luck with them. I'm in the minority there though, and I know many lasses who love them.

UPDATE: This is just like any other sheet mask I've tried - you put it on, you can't eat or drink while you're wearing it, you scare your husband and the dog, you take it off and your skin looks a bit more plumped but that's really all.

'Nuff said.

The Cosmetic Kitchen Raw Chocolate Clay Mask (RRP $24.95 for 50g)

Another one that contains raw cacao (an antioxidant), plus nourishing Australian pink clay. To use it, you're meant to mix it with avocado and oil (or just with water) to form a smooth paste.

I like the idea of this in theory, but I'm not sure I'll be bothered to use it so often - particularly if I need avocado, which we don't always have on hand. Still, I'm happy with this inclusion.


What a great box. I'm thrilled with it and I'm most excited about the Inika primer. The RRP value of the package is over $100, so it's definitely worth the outlay.

A great Christmas present for myself. Thanks LHI!

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