CO LAB Sheer + Invisible Dry Shampoo in New York - review


This is one of those products I've had sitting in the bathroom for ages and I've kept forgetting to review it, even though I'm almost finished with the bottle. 

I was reminded of it this morning when I went to use it, so I've ditched the other review I was working on so I can write this while my experience with the product is nice and fresh.

I bought it a while back from Priceline when it was heavily discounted, and I'd been meaning to try it because CO LAB is Ruth Crilly's brand and I do watch her videos, so I was happy to snap it up on special and give it a crack. I must say I quite like it, and while I don't think it's the best dry shampoo I've used, it's one I would purchase again so that's saying something!

CO LAB claims/product details:
  • Runway-ready formula absorbs oil and refreshes roots with a residue-free, lightweight finish
  • Leaves a gorgeous veil of fashion fragrance so now your hair can smell as fabulous as it looks
  • COLAB has been developed by a dynamic collective of beauty experts who combine the best of their backstage knowledge; the result is inspiring breakthrough formulas that fuse the art of hairdressing with the science of formulation
  • To use: shake well, section dry hair and spray into the roots; massage with fingertips and then brush through; tease to a perfect style with a sheer invisible finish and a gorgeous veil of fragrance
  • RRP $10.99 for 200ml, but do shop around


This is a decent dry shampoo at a reasonable price, and while it's not the best one I've used, I do like it and it's one I would buy again next time I see it on special.

Two versions are available - the Sheer + Invisible and Extra Volume lines - and I picked the sheer one because I don't need extra volume (my hair is dry, frizzy and boofy enough as it is ; )). The product is indeed sheer and invisible, and once you spray it in and brush it through, it feels very light and doesn't leave a white cast.

I must say that I'm not a huge fan of the fragrance: it's not terrible but it reminds me of one of those cheap spray 'deodorants' we all used in senior school, the ones that stunk out the locker rooms after gym class and merged into one big saccharine mess of fruit and old musk. While the scent isn't quite as bad as all that, it's not great and I'd really prefer no scent at all because then it wouldn't interfere with my perfume.

What's good about this product is that it does indeed control oil and I can use it to get another day from my hair before washing. I have tried to use it for a few consecutive days but I find that it works best when used just that once, and it doesn't extend the time between washes quite as well as other dry shampoos that I've tried.

This doesn't bother me too much because I'm not a frequent dry shampoo user and one extra day is enough for me, but if you're after something that really keeps oil at bay for a good few days, this mightn't be the product for you.

Probably the best thing about this particular product - and this is why I'd come back to it, forgetting the oil-control function - is that it leaves my hair looking and feeling beautifully soft and silky. I'm quite impressed with how it makes my hair feel because it somehow does its job and makes my hair look better without weighing it down. It also adds a little shine too.

All in all, this is a decent product at a reasonable price and I do recommend it. It won't break the bank and it does what it's meant to without leaving any nasty residue or making your hair look chalky, and what it lacks in oil control prowess, it more than makes up for in the effect it leaves behind - silky shiny hair that's easier to manage.

A good product.

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