Project Dent 2016 update: Stila In the Light Eyeshadow Palette


This is the third item I've moved into rotation for my 2016 Project dent series, and it's easily seen the most progress over the few weeks that I've used it.

While the last eyeshadow palette I used daily barely showed dips in any pan, this one started to look dented reasonably quickly so I'm pleased to say that it looks a lot more loved than it once did (see comparison photos below).

If you're new to this blog: I wanted to start what I've labelled Project Dent because I have so many products that look like they've barely been used, even though they have. Since they're not candidates for Project Pan because they're either too hard to finish or I don't want to finish them, I wanted to introduce a series that encouraged me to use them consistently for a short period of time (two or three weeks seems to be what I can manage before I get bored). Hence Project Dent.

I've started out with my Stila items, in part because I've had those longer than most and in part because I like them enough to keep myself motivated at the beginning of the project. 

Also, some of those items (like this one) hadn't yet been reviewed, so I wanted to give myself all the more reason to review them. This particular palette is now reviewed here.

Here's how my palette looked on 28 June (around 2.5 weeks ago):

And here's how it looks now:

I have some good dents showing in Bare and Bliss especially, and Kitten, Sandstone, Sunset and Gilded Gold are also showing some decent wear too. Given how little progress I made in my Stila Eyes are the Window Eyeshadow Palette in Mind, I was surprised to see how quickly this one started to look more loved.

Because of this, I've decided to start depotting these shadows and I've already put a few in my Z-palette - so I'll keep using those because I can see myself getting through them before the end of the year (I'm looking at Bare, Bliss and Sandstone in particular, since I can happily use those as the base for any look or even on my brows and then go in with other shadows so I don't get bored).

This has also inspired me to start a new project: Pan that Palette is calling my name, so watch this space because I'll be a late 2016 entry to that one. Wish me luck!

All in all, I'm really pleased that I started this series and I'm now looking forward to picking my next Project Dent product for July. It may well be my Stila bronzer, but I don't want that to interfere with the bronzer I'm trying to get through via Project Pan, so I'll think about it a bit more before making my final decision.

That's all from me! Do let me know if you've ever done Pan that Palette and whether you have any tips for me before I start : )

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