July 2016 favourites


It's been one of those months where there was absolutely no question in my mind when it came to which products I've been loving and using the most.

Sometimes it's hard to pick from the products I have on hand, and sometimes I have my favourites lined up almost from the beginning of the month. July was one of those months for me!

In no particular order...

Alpha-H Balancing and Pore Refining Mask with Jojoba

Full review here. Few masks really make a difference to your skin, in my experience, but I knew from the first use of this one that I'd found a winner.

When you have dry skin, a good clay mask can be hard to find - you want something that works without drying out your already parched skin - and this is one of those products for me.

It somehow clears, refines and balances my skin without stripping it, and my skin has been in better shape ever since I incorporated it into my routine. I'm almost done with this travel-sized tube but I've already bought the full size - and you have to love that you can find it online for less than $40!

Hourglass No 28 Primer Serum

This product has had a huge workout this month because it's winter and I'm pregnant, so my dry skin is even more parched than usual. 

This primer is a dry-skinned lass's dream, and thankfully you only need the tiniest bit each time - so even this little travel-sized version is lasting me forever. I've reviewed it here.

I don't use it every day (it costs far too much for that!), but it's great for those days when I'm worried my dry patches will muck up my BB cream. This primer always saves me and it works with every base I've paired it with. Can't imagine ever being without this one.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector (Liquid) in Moonstone

Full review here. I absolutely love the three shades I own of this product, but I recently included Moonstone in my Project Pan list so it's the one I've been using the most of the three.

I honestly think these are the best liquid illuminators on the market, not only for their effect but also due to their value on a price-per-gram basis.

Also, I use my shades to darken or lighten my foundation when it doesn't quite match my skintone, and you can also use them alone because they make the skin look gorgeous without a fleck of glitter in sight. Such gorgeous products.

Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask

I'm sure I've included this product in a monthly favourites before, but it would be wrong of me not to include it again because I've been bumping up the applications this month to keep my skin looking half-decent. I've reviewed it here.

Some products are cult products for a reason, and this is absolutely one of those. It makes my dry skin look and feel so much better - brighter, plumped and more youthful - and I always have a good skin day after using this one. Love.

My new Z-palette

If you read this blog, you'll know that I recently acquired a Z-palette and started depotting my powder products for the first time. I never expected to find the process so addictive, and I've had such fun popping things out of their pans and arranging them in this gem!

Indeed, I love my new Z-palette so much that I've gone ahead and picked up a second, and I can't wait for it to arrive so I can fill it with the other single and duo eyeshadows I own.

If you've been on the fence about getting a Z-palette (as I was), I really think it's worth taking the plunge because it's wonderful to have all your products sitting there together. I use mine every day, which means shadows I kept forgetting about are now getting plenty of use. Huzzah to that!

In sum

It's been a great month for me when it comes to beauty products, not only because I've fallen hard for my Z-palette, but also because the skincare I've had on hand has been doing its job and nurturing my dry, parched and pregnant skin. Woot woot!

Do let me know what you've been loving this month - I'm always up for hearing about others' favourites : )

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