Project Pan 2016 mini update #17


While I know it's nearing the end of July and I'll be doing my usual Project Pan monthly round up shortly, I wanted to write this mini update now because my PP list has crept up recently so it includes too many products and it's better to shift a couple across now, as opposed to waiting for the full update when I'll have so much to talk about (and photograph!) as it is.

So. What I wanted to say in this mini update is that I've decided to move two of my PP products across to my Pan that Palette project, since I've depotted them anyway and there's a spot for them in my newly acquired Z-palette, which I've been playing with throughout July (spoiler: that palette will be in my upcoming monthly favourites - I'm loving it!).

Above are the two products I'm moving across, being my 'Tini Beauty Eyeshadow in Pearl Fizz and my Gorgeous Cosmetics Bronzer in 01-ES, and here they are below in my Z-palette:

Please note that if you've been watching these two particular products via PP to see how they've progressed throughout the year, you'll still be able to do this via my monthly Pan that Palette updates because I'll absolutely keep using them daily. So don't despair! ; )

The 'Tini Beauty eyeshadow especially is one that I don't want to give up on, since I'm really getting somewhere with it (and you'll note that I've re-pressed it, so I'm no longer dealing with those bits that had loosened in the pan) - plus I'll use it for one of my 'how long does it take to finish?' posts soon enough because I'd always meant to do that, in case anyone's interested in seeing how long an eyeshadow pan lasts with daily use (second spoiler: AGES).

Anyhoo! That's all from me for now. I'm glad I've made the decision to move these two products across, not only because my PP list was too long, but also because I wanted to make my new Pan that Palette project a little more interesting.

Looking forward to updating you on my two projects shortly : )

'Till then! x

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