Lust Have It Sunset Strobe Natural Highlighter - review and swatches


I received this Lust Have It brand powder highlighter ages ago in an LHI box and I'd completely forgotten to review it until I stumbled across it in my draft posts this morning and saw that I'd happily taken enough photos to warrant a full post. Huzzah!

You may have seen this product floating around in my Project Pan posts this year since I wanted to at least attempt to finish one powder highlighter and see how long that took me - so it's had pretty consistent use throughout the year and I'm more than ready to review it.

I think most subscribers were a little suss when we received an LHI brand highlighter in a sub box because we weren't expecting it and you have to wonder about the quality, given that LHI isn't known for its makeup products and I can't remember receiving an LHI brand product before.

I'd expected it to be one of those awful glittery highlighters that looks chunky on the face, but happily I was wrong and the product is definitely wearable, so that's a plus!

Lust Have It claims/product details:
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Adds a luminous, radiant glow to the skin
  • Shelf life: 18 months
  • To use: apply to the high points of the face; build for more impact
  • RRP $29.95 for 8g

What's good about the product is that it's a nice gold/beige colour that should suit most skintones because it's a warmish neutral that's not too pale or dark, or too warm or cool.

There's the pan in direct sunlight:

Swatched in direct sunlight:

There's a heavier stripe on the left and I've blended it out on the right (direct sunlight):

And there I've blended it out completely:


This isn't a terrible product but it's not fantastic either and I personally don't think it's worth the $29.95 asking price. Still, I've been happy enough to use mine frequently via Project Pan so it can't be all bad!

The highlighter is a nice, pale gold colour that's not too yellow and it works well on my medium skin, but note that I've seen it on paler skins and it can come off rather yellow so the colour mightn't work for everyone.

I'd expected the powder to be hard and grainy for some reason, but it's not and it's actually rather soft and finely milled! Problem is, it's a little too soft and powdery (as though it's not pressed quite hard enough in the pan), so you'll loosen some powder in the pan no matter how gentle you are with your brush - but I'd rather that than something that's hard to the touch so I don't mind.

What I like about the product is that it gives a nice, natural sheen to the skin and never looks too much or too shimmery. It's not my favourite cheek highlighter because it does emphasise pores a little, so be aware of that if pores/texture are a problem for you too.

While it's not my highlighter of choice, it's one I'm happy to cart around in my handbag for touch-ups because I don't care if it breaks and it's a nice enough product that looks ok on my skin, plus it works on the eyes too so it's a good multipurpose item that I'm happy to have on hand.

I'm not sure how on earth I'll get through it as part of Project Pan, but I may start using it on the collarbones and shoulders come summer because it's the right colour for that and there's a spot in my daily rotation so this one may as well fill it.

Not my favourite, but it ain't half bad.

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