Urban Decay All Nighter Long-lasting Makeup Setting Spray - review


I received this sample setting spray in one of my Mecca Beauty Loop boxes. I was super excited to see it because it's one of those cult products that's raved about by beauty lovers worldwide - but I wasn't game to buy it without testing it first because it ain't cheap and I'm rather particular about my setting sprays!

While I do think it's an excellent product that indeed locks your makeup in place, it's not one I would buy because it doesn't plump and hydrate my skin as well as other sprays - which is what I'm after these days since I don't need my makeup to last forever but prefer a good dose of juice.

Urban Decay claims/product details:
  • Developed in an exclusive partnership with Skindinavia, this revolutionary setting spray works to set and extend the wear of your makeup for up to sixteen hours
  • True to its name, the light-as-air formula mists onto skin to deliver a soft-focus effect and just-applied finish that lasts all night
  • Patented temperature control technology works to lower the temperature of your skin and keep foundation, eyeshadow, blush, and concealer in place - even in hot and humid conditions
  • The result is a gorgeous, 'just-applied' finish and makeup that lasts all day 
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • RRP $23 AUD for 30ml or $49 AUD for 118ml

This sample is a great little purse size, and now that I've used it enough to review it, I'll definitely be keeping what's left for those rare occasions when we're out for long events.

The only bad thing is that the spray mechanism itself doesn't spread the product out in a full circle (or at least, mine doesn't), but instead the mist sprays in a vertical line so I need to move across my face in portions. Hopefully this is just an issue with the sample bottle and not with the full size.


I can see why this is a cult product and I reckon it deserves all the rave reviews that it gets. While I don't have a huge problem with my makeup lasting because my skin is dry and tends to cling to product anyway, I was still surprised by how well this stopped things from fading and it's something I'd recommend if you're after a setting spray that really keeps things in place.

I've noticed that it works wonders on my blush and eyeshadow in particular, and since those are the first two things to go - on my face at least - I'll definitely consider buying this if I ever need my makeup to last the day without touch-ups. Because we have kids and don't go out for hours on end like we used to, this isn't a product I need but it's one I'll keep in the memory bank in case that ever changes.

While it does give my makeup a freshly applied, dewy finish, what it doesn't do is hydrate my dry skin super well so I need to use a different, more hydrating spray over this one to keep my skin feeling comfortable. 

Fortunately, spritzing something else over this doesn't impact its efficacy - a good thing because I was worried that it would - so I can confirm that it does work in combination with other products if like me you need an added boost of hydration.

All in all, this is a wonderful product that meets all its claims and I absolutely recommend it. I haven't given it an HG tag because I've used better plumpers/hydrators, but I've never used anything this good when it comes to longevity.


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