Solace Moroccan Spa Cleansing Body Wash in Moroccan Floral - review


This is one of those products that I went to the trouble of photographing but then couldn't find any information on when it came to this review, so I put it aside in the hopes that I'd find more info later - kind of like when you keep going to check the pantry, as if something might have magically appeared since you last looked.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to find anything other than a few Solace packs that are available for purchase at Priceline, and while it definitely looks like the same brand (judging from the packaging), I couldn't find any details about this particular product so I can't say much about it, other than that it looks like a budget brand and probably not a popular one.

I'd considered not bothering with this review because I couldn't give you any product details or claims, but I've changed my mind: I can still add something that might be useful to someone, and it may be that the brand is foreign so there's more information available in another language.

Also, while some people use a 'not worth reviewing' approach when it comes to their posts, I prefer to just review everything that falls in my lap because it's often the reviews of unknown products that are the most useful to others. After all, if something's already been reviewed a thousand times, how much can I really add? But with products like this, I can definitely add something.

Anyhoo. This looks like it would be a nice product with its sweet packaging and exotic-sounding name (just what is 'Moroccan floral'?), but unfortunately there's not much to write home about here so I'll keep things brief.


This is a standard body wash that comes in a squeeze tube, and it has an attractive cherry colour that made me think it might be nice to use.

I'd expected something that at least smelled nice, given the 'Moroccan floral' name, but unfortunately I can't smell anything but that cheap soapy smell you often associate with homebrand shower gels found in budget hotels.

And the product itself does give that impression: it doesn't have a great texture and there's something astringent about it, which indeed translates to its effect on the skin - it leaves my body feeling a little dry so it's not one I would use every day or I'd wind up with stripped, uncomfortable skin.

The product does lather well and I think it cleans well enough, but it's not one I would recommend for sensitive skin because the astringent element isn't something my body loves, and I always feel the need to slather on a bit of extra moisturiser after using this.

All in all, I don't think this is a good product and it's not one I'd recommend. It certainly looks quite nice in the packaging, but that's about it.


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