Pan that Palette update: July 2016


While I only started Pan that Palette 2016 less than two weeks ago, I want to get into the habit of writing updates at the end of each month - so I'm updating you now, even though of course there hasn't been a bundle of progress since then.

What has progressed, however, is the building of my Z-palette. If you see where it was in my Pan that Palette 2016 intro (see here), you'll notice that quite a few things have changed in terms of layout and also the shadows I've included. 

Since then, I've depotted my Kevyn Aucoin singles and duos, and I've happily had success with that and only suffered one casualty, which was nothing that a little rubbing alcohol couldn't fix (although you'll see that the purple matte shade I'm referring to looks a little worse for wear ; )):

Also since my Pan that Palette intro, I've decided to move across two products I was working on as part of Project Pan 2016 - the Gorgeous Cosmetics Bronzer and 'Tini Beauty Eyeshadow - since it made more sense to include them here, given that I'd already depotted them and also wanted to reduce my Project Pan list, which had blown out of proportion.

So, here are the five pans I'm working on in my Z-palette:

I can't give you before and after shots for the newer inclusions, but I can for the three existing shadows I've been working on since I started the Pan that Palette challenge.

Here's where my Stila eyeshadow in Bliss was earlier in the month (top shade):

And here's where it is now:

You can see there's definitely been some progress, so I'm confident that I can get through this shadow relatively quickly. It's such a great crease colour and transition shade, and I can also mix it with a darker brown if I want to use it on my brows (so I don't need to use it on my eyes every day if I don't want to).

Here's where those two Mirenesse shadows were previously:

And here's where they're at now:

Definitely some good progress there, even in such a short space of time! While I don't love the formula of these because they can look a bit dry and powdery on the eye, they're useful colours and they're great for touching up my eyeshadow after lunch if things have faded a little. I can also mix them to touch up my blush.

The only reason I'm working on these (rather than just passing them on or throwing them out), is because I'm planning to use the empty pans to press some loose shadows into when I've finished them, since I've already magnetised the pans and don't want to buy empty ones if I don't have to.

In sum

Hooray to starting Pan that Palette (belatedly) for 2016! I'm enjoying the challenge so far and I'm also loving my newly acquired Z-palette, which I look forward to using since I have everything laid about before me - plus it's meant that I've been using my Kevyn Aucoin products a lot more than I was previously. A good thing!

Let me know if you've ever done Pan that Palette and whether you have any tips if so : )

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