Fig & Yarrow Complexion Water in Rose, Sandalwood & Neroli - review


I received this facial spray in June's Maslow & Co box (unboxed here). I always try to be good with new products and not open them all at once to prolong the fun, and this was the first product I chose to open when the box arrived.

Happily I love it, and it's a good entry into this edition of the box. Indeed I love it so much that I'm speeding through my sample all too quickly, but more on that below.

Fig & Yarrow claims/product details:
  • A skin-hydrating mist made with certified organic floral distillates and pure essential oils
  • Repairing, balancing and toning 
  • Heals and hydrates the skin
  • Coupled with the therapeutic nature of essential oils, soothes the senses too
  • Choose from our two blends with unique benefits
  • 'Rose/Sandalwood/Neroli' is 'a constructively indulgent and seductively aromatic marriage of orange blossom and rose petal waters with sustainably harvested sandalwood oil'
  • RRP $63 AUD for 120ml or $24.85 AUD for 30ml


I'm loving this stuff and unfortunately I'm getting through my bottle all too quickly - I've only got about a quarter left because I've been using it so much! 

This is partly a good thing because it shows how much I love it, and partly a bad one because this product ain't cheap and I'm not sure I can justify the pricetag for a facial mist - and one that's vanishing before my eyes - so it's probably not something I would buy.

It's a clear water that smells nice and refreshing (I can definitely sniff the rose and sandalwood), and it's one of those scents that does have a soothing effect and also makes you feel that you're putting some goodness into your skin.

The packaging is just beautiful and I'm going to keep mine once I've finished it and refill it with something else because I love how it looks. The spray also releases a nicely fine mist of product - a plus because I hate receiving dodgy sprays that are overly forceful or too directed. This isn't.

You can use this as a toner, or as a mist to keep your skin feeling fresh throughout the day. I prefer the latter use but I did try it as a toner for the purposes of this review, and it tones and refreshes the skin without irritation, and does a good job of removing that last layer of grime from your face.

I prefer it as a mist because I love how it makes my skin feel. It's been a while since I've used a spray that's this hydrating and soothing, which is why I'm getting through the bottle so quickly: my skin is so dry at the moment (that's winter and pregnancy for you) that I'm all too liberal and frequent with applications. But it helps so much in terms of comfort that I'm letting myself go to town!

What I'm noticing about this mist over others I've used is that it seeps into the skin so well. You know how some mists sit on top of your face for a while, particularly if you use a heavy hand? This doesn't. It melts into my skin and feels like it's delivering goodness where I need it, and it doesn't leave me with a wet face as the product absorbs because it absorbs straight away.

As for effect, this doesn't erase lines from my face the way something like MAC Fix+ can do, but it does juice up the skin so it looks fresher and more plump. It also works beautifully over makeup and I haven't had any issue with it 'lifting' my makeup and moving it around - another plus because I've had this problem in the past.

All in all, this is a gorgeous product and I recommend it. I personally think the $63 pricetag is a little steep for a facial mist and it's outside my budget, but if I wanted to treat myself with something special, I'd definitely consider this.


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