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Six weeks ago I tallied up my stuff and wrote my first-ever makeup inventory post (see here). It was something I'd thought of doing for a while but I wasn't keen on the idea of publicly 'exposing' my numbers of products and I also knew that my makeup collection wasn't too ridiculous, so I didn't feel a huge compulsion to do it.

But I did do it, and I'm so glad I did because I discovered that some categories of makeup were much bigger than I'd thought! I also found it so useful that I've promised myself to keep doing it in future, so here I am to write a fresh one for 2017.

While my numbers won't have fluctuated a lot, they'll still have moved because I've panned a few things and done a little declutter or two - so without further ado, let's see how things are looking now.

Base products


I had seven of these and I now have five. Yay! So I have two open full sizes (plus one unopened), one travel size and one mini.

My goal for this category was to have no more than four, but perhaps it's more useful to go by total contents because I know I can generally finish 7.5ml of primer per month (or one 30ml bottle in four months), so I wouldn't want to have any more than 90ml open at a time - meaning I could get through all of them within one year (the standard primer expiry date). That means this category is looking good.

Setting sprays

I now only have one full size because I finished my travel size. So I can buy one ; )

Liquid illuminators

I have still have four in total: two full size and one travel size (plus one unopened travel size). I'm ok with that in theory because I use these not only to add glow but to slightly adjust my base if the colour's not quite right (ie I like having one dark illuminator, one pale one, one that's yellow and one that's around my skintone), but I've had the large ones I own for too long so I'd like to pan them.

While panning two large Becca illuminators in one year mightn't be possible, I'd still like to try.

Liquid foundation

I had five and I now have four because I've panned one. Too many - particularly because I prefer tinted moisturisers and BB/CC creams - so my aim is to reduce this down to two. Along the way I'll buy some shade-adjusting drops so I don't have to keep buying foundations in two shades (which is why I have four now instead of two).

Powder foundation

I still have two full sizes (same product, two colours) and one unopened travel size - so three in total. My goal for this category is one full size and perhaps one travel size, which is why I'm currently panning my full sizes - so I can eventually just buy one in one colour.

BB/CC cream and tinted moisturiser

I had six and I now have five even though I panned one and decluttered one because I received a travel size in a sub box. So I have two open full sizes (plus one unopened) and one open travel-size (plus one unopened). I want three in total or - using the primer logic above - no more than 100ml open at one time. So I'm good for this category : )


I have one full size, which I'm still panning. Good.


I had five and I now have six because I bought my HG Bare Minerals Serum Concealer in a second shade (naughty but 'necessary' because it's so good ; )). I've just finalised my 2017 Project Pan list and I have two concealers in that lot and plan to pan a third this year, taking me down to my goal of three or perhaps four (two formulas in two shades each).

Face (miscellaneous) 

Setting powder

I had two and now have one because I finished one. I plan to buy the RCMA No Colour Powder in the near future and hope that can just be my one setting powder once I've finished the one I'm using.

Finishing powder

I still have one full size and one palette (which only has two of three pans left), so let's call that two products. Happy with that, and there's even room for a purchase here once I've finished the palette.

Face palettes

I still have one (plus one unopened backup of the same limited-edition palette), which contains a finishing powder, a bronzer, two blushes and one highlight. I'm happy with this amount. 


Cream blushes

I still have two, one that I'm currently panning. I don't use cream blush these days so I'd like to see this category reduced to zero in 2017 if possible.

Cream eyeshadow/bases and primers

I had four and now have three because I decluttered one. Two of those are cream eyeshadows and one's a dedicated primer. I would like to finish two this year and buy the Too Faced Glitter Glue (it's supposed to be amazing, and not just for glitters but for any eyeshadow), leaving me with one dedicated eye primer and one cream eyeshadow - so I'm close to my goal of two.

Cream contours

I have one cream contour duo and one creamy highlighter pencil. I'm happy with just those two but I'd like to start panning them this year so I can try something else. One is the goal here.


Powder products


Now here's where things start getting embarrassing ; ). I had nine (including one powder mini and one liquid mini) and I now have ten because I received another mini in a sub box.

My aim is to get this down to six maximum so I've got plenty of work to do here. Argh! Let's see how we're looking in 2018.


Blush is another weak spot for me and I have nine full sizes, one half size and one three-pan palette. That's not counting the few in my Z-palettes. So you could say I have eleven or thirteen, depending on how you count the palette (I'm going to say eleven blush products just to be nice ; )).

I'm panning one in 2017 and I can't see my numbers reducing too much because blush takes so long to finish. My ultimate goal would be seven (one for each day of the week) but let's aim for nine by the end of 2017.

Powder highlighter

This is the category that surprised me the most, and it's easily my worst category. I knew I had a few but I didn't realise just how many I'd managed to stack up.

I had sixteen (WTF?!) and now have fourteen because I panned one and decluttered one - that being eleven full sizes (plus two unopened) and one half size. That's not including the couple in my Z-palettes. Ridiculous.

And here we have the blush problem: highlighters take forever to pan so I can't see that number shifting quickly. Can I pan myself down to twelve this year?! I'll try. My ultimate goal here is ten maximum but I'd prefer seven - one for each day of the week, same as blushes.


I've managed to get this category down in numbers a bit, in part due to panning and in part due to decluttering some bad-quality shadows from my Z-palettes and moving some better pans into those. The pans I've removed won't go to waste: the darker colours I'll use as dry shampoo on my brown hair and the sparkly shades will make good paints for my daughter.

Eyeshadow palettes (small and large)

I have two quads, two quints and three larger palettes. That's seven palettes total, so I've got the number down from nine. Woot woot! I'm happy with seven and no more, keeping in mind that I have plenty of eyeshadow in my Z-palettes (discussed below).


I had four and I now have two because I panned one and decluttered one that was irritating my eyes. This means I'm now at my goal of two: one open and one unopened. Yay! 


I had two only for this category - one open and one unopened - and I noted in my last inventory post that I planned to buy a couple of back-ups the next time Chemist Warehouse had a half-price sale, which I've done. Since I've finished one, I now have three in total. Happy with that.

Brow products (new category)

I forgot to count my clear brow gel last time so this one product is a new addition. I don't need any other brow products for the moment because I use brown eyeshadow on my brows. Maybe I'll buy a dedicated brow product after I've finished a couple of pans of brown shadow.


Lip liner

I have two: one open and one unopened. That's fine, although I don't really use lip liner so in many ways I could do with zero. But let's say one is a good number for me, just in case. This means I need to pan one this year.


Previously I had seventeen plus two unopened ones, so nineteen in total. I've since finished one so I now have eighteen. Twelve is my goal here.

Lip crayon

I have one. No goal here other than to pan it because I've had it for a while. 

Lip balm

I have three open and six unopened (these all came from the same GWP eight-pack), so nine in total. I did have ten but I decluttered one. My goal is four total (two open, two backups).

Lip gloss

I had nine and I now have seven because I've panned a couple, leaving two open and five unopened glosses. Considering I'm a lip gloss junkie, I'm surprised by this amount! Six total in is a good number for me (four open, two backups), meaning I need to pan one.


Now for the sting in the tail. 

I have four in total: two larger Z-palettes and two smaller palettes.

In my last inventory I had:
  • two bronzers
  • one contour powder
  • three full sized blushes and three mini blushes (six)
  • two highlighters
  • forty-nine eyeshadow pans.

I now have:
  • one bronzer (I panned one)
  • one contour powder
  • three full sized blushes and three mini blushes (six)
  • three highlighters (I rescued one from a palette I received in a sub box and immediately decluttered the rest of it)
  • fifty-five eyeshadow pans (the extras are from an eyeshadow palette I depotted to replace the bad-quality shades I removed, which is why my palette number is down but the pan numbers here are up).

Now I mentioned in my last inventory that I don't really want the numbers in my Z-palettes to change because they're my 'workman's palettes' and I reach for them almost daily (including for makeup application on the go or when I travel), so I want them to be full and to contain options for eg blush and highlighter. But my aim is to pan the products in them and then depot and move in other pans from my collection, just to keep things moving and make sure everything gets used.

However I have far too much eyeshadow so my aim is to eventually get the numbers down to twenty or thirty, if I'm being reasonable ; ). Much panning work to be done.

In sum

That's still a lot of makeup. 

Including the individual pans in my Z-palettes (but counting pre-made palettes as one item), I now have a total of 195 makeup items, which is slightly down from the 199 I had previously. 

If I count the Z-palettes as only four items and don't count the individual pans, I have 129 products - a little better than the 137 that I had in my last inventory.

My aim for 2017 is to get my total number down to 100, plus 50 pans total in my Z-palettes. Is it possible? Who knows. What I do know is that I've got a lot of work to do ; )

That's all from me for now. I'll check back in say mid-year and let you know where things are at.

Speak soon x

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