Mecca Beauty Loop L3 Box, January 2017 - unboxing


Normally I have some idea of when the Mecca Beauty Loop boxes are coming out because I look forward to them, but this month I'd totally forgotten they were due so receiving the notification email from Mecca was a nice surprise.

As you can see below, it's a good-looking little box this month and I'm really pleased with mine - although if I had to be picky, I could have done without the Ren product because I already own the full size and I've just cracked it open so I won't need this deluxe sample any time soon. Still, it's better than receiving something I wouldn't use.

In the box we received:
  • Ren Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial 15ml
  • Tocca Emelia EDP 1.5ml
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer 7.1ml
  • Urban Decay Perversion Mascara 3ml

I'm pleased with all these inclusions because I use and love the Ren product and I've been wanting to try the other three items, so it ended up being a great box : )

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

This is apparently an award-winning primer that delivers a silky finish, creates a smooth base and increases the wear of your foundation.

I've seen a lot of beauty-lovers rave about this product so it's been on my list of items to test for a while, and I'm super glad that I'm now able to try it without having to travel to Mecca Maxima or blind-ordering the smaller 14ml tube online. I have too many primers open at the moment so I'll have to wait to test it, but hopefully I'll get to it within the next few months.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

This is another product that's been raved about online so I can't wait to try it: it's designed to deliver bigger, badder and blacker lashes, and it should give you plenty of volume and length.

I do love receiving mini mascaras because I always get through them within about three months of daily use, so they make much more sense to me than larger mascaras since I can't hope to get through those before you're meant to turf them. Fingers crossed that I like this as much as others seem to!

Ren Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial

Full review here. This product is described as a transforming treatment that instantly revitalises and visibly rejuvenates the skin. Formulated with potent water-activated vitamin c, this one-minute facial gives immediate spa facial results, leaving skin firm, toned and smoothed.

Having used the product for a couple of years now, I can say that it does what it says it will do and it's a fantastic little product. While I certainly didn't need another tube, I'll happily use this once I finish my large one so it's probably prolonged a purchase for me. Woot woot!

Tocca Emelia EDP

I've been spraying myself with this fragrance when I go into Mecca ever since it came out. It's one of those scents that I wouldn't normally buy but something about it just works and it lasts well so it's one I've considered purchasing - although in small size because I'd never get through a large one.

It's a fig fragrance but it's not as full-on as other fig scents I've tried and it also contains geranium, magnolia and amaryllis. What's good about receiving this sample is that I'll be able to work out whether I want to buy the travel-size bottle, so hopefully the sample is big enough for me to decide whether or not it's a keeper.

In sum

Not a bad little box, yes? I've seen that three of the products are the same for all the Level 3 boxes, while one item (the Ren product in mine) is interchangeable so you may have wound up with something else.

Do let me know if you received this box and what you think of it if so.

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