Cremorlab Snow Falls Melting Cream - review


I received this cream in my Maslow & Co Korea box: from memory you could have received one of six different items, and I wound up with this one. 

On my Maslow & Co profile I've noted that my skin is dry and dehydrated, so I suspect that's why I was given this product instead of anything else - and at the time I was happy to see it because I was running low on 'standard' face creams (I had too many that contained active ingredients or were better used overnight).

While I have been enjoying this product, unfortunately it hasn't been a standard face cream for me because it coats the face so it's taken a position on my bedside table to be used overnight. More on that in a sec.

Cremorlab claims/product details:
  • Specifically whipped up to restore vitality to the skin
  • With glycerine and squalene added to form a barrier and lock in moisture, it protects from moisture loss and environmental factors
  • Cremorlab's special TEN water is a hero ingredient and is known to be high in mineral content, helping to nourish and hydrate the skin
  • Best for those who feel their skin is losing moisture and becoming tight and uncomfortable throughout the day
  • Melts into a creamy texture when massaged onto the skin
  • Keeps skin well-hydrated for over 24 hours
  • To use: as the last step of your skincare process, scoop out an appropriate amount using the spatula; massage gently onto the skin, starting from the centre and working outwards in a circular motion; use daily for a major boost to your skincare regimen
  • RRP $55 AUD for 60ml (see eg Maslow & Co's website)

The product is white and fluffy - indeed it does remind me of snow - and it  comes with a spatula (not pictured) that you can use to apply the cream.

While I did start off using the spatula, I quickly got over that and now I just whack my finger in there because, well, who can be bothered ; )


If nothing else, this is an enjoyable product to use and I do think it's well-suited to those of us with dry/dehydrated skin because it creates a barrier on the skin's surface that really locks in moisture. Great if your skin is parched like mine is but probably not great for those with oily or combination skin.

The product is a light, fluffy white cream that's more on the solid side when you scoop it out, but as soon as you apply it, it melts into the skin and feels wonderfully cooling and soothing as you massage it in. Indeed, it's one of those products that's so enjoyable to use and feels so nice in texture that it's almost worth using for the experience alone. 

I also think that 'Snow Falls Melting Cream' is the perfect name for it because it does remind me of snow and it does melt, plus there's something whimsical about it that appeals.

Note the product has a scent that's quite sweet and fresh, and while I don't mind the fragrance, it's definitely there and it lingers after use so that's something to keep in mind if you don't like scented products because I'm aware of the smell for a while after use.
The first time I used this, I decided it would probably fit in the night cream spot because the product description made it sound like a heavier cream that's best suited for night use. While I do think that's true, as soon as I used it I knew that it wasn't a good night cream because it coats the skin too much and I'd be better off using a different night cream and then using this at the end of the evening, just before I turn the lights out.

And that's the thing. You know how some creams coat the skin and make it look plump and hydrated but don't actually feel like they're sinking in completely and providing nourishment where you need it most? This is one of those for me, so even if I didn't use an overnight cream, I still wouldn't use this as my dedicated night cream because my skin feels dry underneath the product, even though it looks moisturised and feels hydrated to the touch.

As for product claims: I don't think this restores vitality to the skin (although it does make the skin look healthier while you're wearing it); it does form a barrier and seal in moisture; it does have a protective element, due to the film it leaves behind; and although it doesn't hydrate and nourish the skin on its own, it does help seal in other products.

The last thing to note is that you'll need to wash this off in the morning (or at least I do), so if you're not someone who double-cleanses in the morning as a matter of course, you may need to do so with this product because it hangs around and needs a good cleanser to wash it off. I also wouldn't use this during the day under makeup: I have a feeling that things like primer and foundation would 'ball up' over it because your skin will be at saturation point. I haven't tried it as a day cream, however, so I can't say this for sure.

All in all, while I enjoy using this product and I've found a place for it in my collection, it's not something I would buy or recommend because it doesn't do enough for me on its own. What it does do is really seal in other products so they can do their work overnight and won't rub off on my pillow, but that's not reason enough for me to call this product an essential.

A pleasure to use but not effective enough for me.

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