Pan that Palette 2017 (Nars and Stila etc): January update


Hello and welcome to my first full Pan that Palette update for 2017!

I'd like to keep things short and sweet since I have a few things to knock off this morning while my daughter is in childcare, so forgive me if I speed through this little post.

First, here's my Pan that Palette intro post if you're interested in seeing that.

Second, here's where my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit was in my intro post:

And here's where it is now:

Huzzah! As you can see I've made some good progress and I won't be surprised if the middle shade (Incandescent Light) is gone by the end of February because what's left is very thin. 

As for Radiant Light, the ring that's hanging on from the top to the bottom (right) of the palette is quite thick so I'm not sure whether I can finish that in February too. It may be that I'm left with this shade to work on alone in March, but I expect it to be gone within two months. After that I'll be replacing this palette with another product so I'm looking forward to that.

Here's where my Z-palette was in my intro post:

And here's where it is now:

Let's start with the Stila shadows, the twelve pans on the left of the palette and the Lancome and Costal Scents shades beneath them:  

As you can see, I've widened the pan on all four shadows that already had pan showing in my intro post.

The yellow Stila shadow I use as a base to set my eye primer, but not if I plan to use other Stila shadows from the Eyes are the Window Palette in Mind - this is because most of those shades are chalky and drying on the eye so they make me look older than I am. The other thing I use this for is to dust over any red patches showing through on my face after lunch when my tinted moisturiser has faded a bit - this covers them just enough to make my face look more even again.

As for Wit (the caramel shade) and the marsala shade beside it, I sometimes use Wit in the crease and use the other shade for darkening up the outer v, but I also use Wit as a 'detailing' shade to patch up any holes in my blush that have appeared during the day (that's the thing about having kids: there's lots of kisses and cuddles and hands all over your face, so your makeup doesn't stay looking as you want it to for very long! Not a bad thing where Pan that Palette's concerned of course...).

As for the two shades above those, I often use them for detailing after lunch (as with Wit) and I'll occasionally use either as crease/transition shades if I haven't used any other Mind shadow on my eye that day: I can do one layer of these dry shadows but no more if I want my eye area to look ok.

Stila Sandstone (the brown) I mix with the bronzer (below) to make a shade that works for my brows and I also use the same combo on my lower waterline.

As for the other shades in this section of the palette, I've used all of the mattes at least once, and all the shimmers a few times each on my lids - I'll focus on those later on in the year but for now I'm keen to get some of the mattes out faster, plus this means I can reach for shimmers from other palettes so I don't get bored.

The big news in this section is that I finally hit pan on the Nars shadow I've been using to mix with theBalm's Bahama Mama to make a warmer bronzer. I hit pan on this the day after my intro post and the reason we're seeing such progress in terms of widening the pan is because I've used a bigger brush in there so what's left in the shadow is quite shallow (except along the sides). This may well be the first shadow I completely finish (that or the yellow) so I'm looking forward to that.

As for Bahama Mama, you'll see there's lots of progress along the top especially. This is because a small chunk of the powder dislodged itself one day (it's getting old and a touch crumbly), so I decided to take that and press it into a small pan and it's now sitting in my franken-palette of popular shades I plan to keep for comparison swatches in future. You may remember that I mentioned doing this at some point, so that's now done and there's only about 0.5g of powder in the pan I'm retaining. The rest I'll use up completely.

As for the Croquis highlighter, I've hit pan in theory in the gold dot (top row), because I use that shade the most when it comes to inner corner and lashline highlighting. I can't see myself getting through the whole highlighter this year, but I don't mind that because I really like the product and it's so versatile because you can use each of the four colours in the pan either individually or together.

Now, the final section. I use the So Susan lavender shade on the lid often enough because it's a soft colour that suits my brown eyes, and I use the Nars apricot shade on my lips to make a shimmery gloss.

The Nars dirty pink/plum shade I often use as a base all over the lid/crease because it's one of those 'nothing shades' that works well as a base. I can't however use too much of it because, like the Stila Mind shadows, it's drying on the eye (many Nars shadows are unfortunately).

Stila's Night Sky (the silver shade) I haven't yet touched and I may end up mixing it with another shadow and re-pressing it to make a colour that suits me better.

Nars Portobello I often use for a soft eye look (paired with a shimmer from another palette) because it's one of the few Nars shadows I've used that has a softer formula that's not too drying on the eye (although I can't use it under the bottom lashline unfortunately because it emphasises wrinkles there terribly).

As for Nars Sin, I only ever use it as a shadow because I don't like it as a blush on me, so suffice to say that I'll likely never finish it! I've used it often enough over January though because it makes a good pair with the Coastal Scents shade.

In sum

That's all from me! It's been a pretty good start to the panning year so wish me luck for February and let's see if I can't knock out at least one shade in the coming weeks.

Do let me know how you're going with Pan that Palette 2017; I'd love to hear x

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