The big declutter 2017: declutter round #1


I thought I'd sneak in a quick declutter post today because my toddler is unexpectedly down for a sleep this morning (she's never been one for day naps) and my son fell asleep on the boob just now so I have some time on my hands for once. Huzzah!

I'm keen to keep up the panning and decluttering projects this year so I wanted to write this little declutter post now, even though I only have four items to mention. Reason being, I'm catching up with a friend soon who works for a women's shelter and I send most of my makeup her way because I know how well it will be received. While I do sometimes give things to family and friends, I generally prefer to donate them because I know that others need them more than we do.

Anyhoo. Enough preamble. Let's have a look at what I'm decluttering:

Manna Kadar Dream Palette

I received this item from Maslow & Co and I knew straight away that I probably wouldn't keep it because it's heavy on the noticeable glitter and I'm not someone who likes a lot of shimmer on my face, particularly when it comes to blushes and bronzers.

I have tested it a few times and I'll finalise my first impressions post shortly (I just need to edit the photos), but suffice to say there's no point in me keeping something I'll never use. You'll see that I have depotted one item (a highlighter) because that didn't contain noticeable glitter and I liked the colour, although I'm regretting that now because the powder shattered from the moment I slid my instrument down between the pan and the cardboard packaging. Argh. Not good. Hoh well.

Burt's Bees BB Cream in Medium

This was sent to me for review and I've written that review but haven't finalised the photos, so that post will be up soon. My issue with this product was that it was too peach on my colouring and it also congested my skin so I had to put it aside after using it for five days running during the testing period because I started to break out.

If I didn't have enough in the BB/CC cream department, I might have kept it for occasional use but I'd rather focus on finishing items I own and love, rather than wasting time on something that doesn't work for me. I'm sure someone will love it though because it has good coverage for a BB cream and the undertone will suit others better than me, so I'm happy to pass it along to someone else.

Bodyography Shimmer Powder in Mallorca

This was in my Project Pan 2016 challenge but I wasn't reaching for it because I have other highlighters I need to use up, so I've decided to pass it on while it's well within expiry. 

It's a nice product and Bodyography is a great brand, but it contains glitter bits so I don't like using it on my face and I get fall-out when I use it on my eyes so it's just not for me.

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Damsel

I was absolutely loving this product on my upper waterline because it's brown (I prefer brown liner over black on me because it looks more natural) and it's super easy to apply, until I realised that it was responsible for making my eyes water something chronic. I'd previously assumed that my sunscreen was somehow getting into my eyes and making them water, until I stopped using this for a few days and realised it was the culprit. Oops!

I did considering including it in Project Pan 2017 as an eyebrow pencil but I tried it for that purpose a couple of times and it's not cool enough so it looks wrong. Another one that I'd like to pass on while it's still relatively new.

In sum

That's all for my little declutter post! I'm not sure how many of these posts I'll be doing this year because I've really weeded out my collection now and there's nothing left in it that I'm not using or want to pass on. I may end up with some products in sub boxes that I won't use, but I'm planning on giving up two of my three subscriptions this year so we'll see.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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