Pan that Palette 2017 (Stila and Nars): intro


Welcome all to Pan that Palette 2017! After much thought and a much-rearranged Z-palette, I've finally decided on the powders I'll be panning for this year. 

If you prefer seeing panning challenges using a pre-made palette then I apologise for that, but if one of the aims of these challenges is to remove your oldest shadows from your collection before they expire, then I really need to focus on three things: Stila in the Light, Stila Eyes are the Window in Mind, and my Nars duos. These are the oldest eyeshadows I own and the ones I would like to finish first, which is why I started panning a few of them in 2016 and am panning more this year.

I only did Pan that Palette 2016 since July last year, and it was really a 'practice' run for me - just to work out if I could do it and whether I could handle working on a small Z-palette or a large one - so some of my shades from eg my Stila in the Light Palette are already done. What I decided to do then was depot most shades from my Stila Eyes are the Window Palette in Mind so I would have plenty of mattes to choose from, and I wanted to keep chipping away at my Nars shadows too since I don't like the formula of those much and I want to remove them from my collection.

So, here's my Z-palette for Pan that Palette 2017 (natural light):

The twelve shadows in pans that look the same on the left are from Stila: the left two rows are from Mind and the right two rows are from In the Light (except the orange shade at the top, which is also from Mind).

Below those are two Lancome shadows that I included because they fit, and next to those is a Coastal Scents shade that I rescued from the Cairo palette. Next to that is a So Susan eyeshadow from a quad I've since discarded. 

Up the top you'll see my Bahama Mama Bronzer from theBalm and next to that is a highlighter from Croquis. Below that is Nars Sin - a blush I don't like because it's full of gold flecks and doesn't have a creamy texture, but I do use it as an eyeshadow.

The remaining shadows are five pans from Nars duos (Portobello, Charade and St Paul de Vence) and Stila's  Night Sky from In the Light.

There's the palette again, direct sunlight:

You'll see that I've already hit pan on the bronzer, three of the Nars pans and three of the Stila ones, as well as the Coastal Scents and So Susan shadows.

My aim this year is to hit pan on twelve of the shadows in here, finish six and also finish the bronzer. I'm not sure whether I can hit pan on Sin or the Croquis highlighter, but I would like to try.

The reason my goals are quite 'modest' is because I don't get through eyeshadow as quickly as some people do. I have hooded eyes and I'm 36, so I don't have a lot of lid space (meaning I don't get through sparkly lid shades quickly) and I don't layer on eyeshadow because that makes my dry eye area look crepe-y and old (plus I prefer a natural, diffused look anyway). And there's only so far you can take this challenge in those circumstances.

Also, the Stila Mind shadows are quite dry and look that way on the eye (except the orange shade, which is a different formula and much nicer than the others) - unlike the Stila in the Light Palette, which contained better mattes - so I won't necessarily be using those as eyeshadows. Some of the shades included look good as a blush, some as a liner, and some I can use very lightly as a base shadow without risking making my eyes look crepe-y. I'm noting this because it will likely take me longer to get through these than the other powders in my Z-palette, some of which I can use both on the eyes and on the face.

One last thing to note is that I plan to retain a tiny bit of the Bahama Mama bronzer for swatch comparisons because it's a popular shade and I feel it's a good idea to keep it as a reference for other bronzers. So when it comes to re-pressing that shade, I'll keep a small amount and press that into one of my empty Stila pans so I can pop it into the (now empty) Stila Mind palette. That palette will be a 'franken-palette' for popular powders that I've panned but want to keep on hand for future blog posts.

This year I also want to keep panning my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Wardrobe (photographed in natural light above and in direct sunlight below).

I started panning this during Pan that Palette 2016 and I want to keep going so I can finish it and focus on other Hourglass products. Hourglass makes my favourite finishing powders, blushes and bronzers of all time, so I'm panning this palette because I love it and don't want to see a drop going to waste (it ain't cheap!).

You'll see that I've already finished Dim Light and hit pan on the other two shades. Once I've finished it, I won't be repurchasing it because only Dim Light is an essential item for me (the other two shades I enjoy but they're not HG material), and I already have a full-size of Dim Light that I'll focus on after this.

In sum

That's my intro to Pan that Palette 2017! Hope you enjoyed it. Do let me know in the comments whether you're doing Pan that Palette this year - if so, I'll follow you so include any links you may have.

I know I can finish my Hourglass palette but I don't know how well I can do on my Z-palette - particularly because I won't be ignoring my other eyeshadows just to use these but plan on incorporating shades from this Z-palette when I play around with my other makeup.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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