Project Pan 2017 mini update #1


Welcome to my first Project Pan mini update of 2017! 

Happily I've knocked off one product already, although it was an easy product and one that I included on my list because I knew I could get through it pretty quickly: my Mecca Sunbrella Invisible Superspray SPF 50+.

It was taking me a while to get through it because I kept using other products instead that I liked better - this one reeks of alcohol and my skin doesn't like it - but when I saw that I needed to apply 31 sprays per arm to keep myself protected, it only took a few days to use it up. Huzzah!

Here's the product I'm replacing it with:

It's my Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Mask, which I've reviewed here

This is one of those products that has some rave reviews online, but that just didn't work for me. It's meant to clarify and detox the skin, but it doesn't do that for me and I own much better purifying masks that I'd prefer to use over this one. So to make myself get through it, I've decided to bring it into Project Pan.

There's how much I have left:

It's not a terrible product, it's just that it doesn't do much aside from brighten my skin a little, so I'd like to move through it quickly while my skin doesn't need any serious clarifying action (it's not too gunked up at the moment).

Masks take me a while to finish, and even though there's only 50g in this tub and I've already used around a third, I expect it to last a couple of months. After that I may well bring in another face mask because I've somehow wound up with too many and I need to start getting through them.

Wish me luck!

Hope Project Pan 2017 is going ok for you so far, and I'll check back in soon with January's full update.

Speak then x

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