L'Oreal Revatalift Laser x3 Dual Action Moisturiser - review


I'm part of a review team and we received this product around six weeks ago for review, and now that I've tested it and submitted my review, I wanted to pop my thoughts up on the blog as well.

I must admit that I've become a little suspect of skincare from pharmacy brands like L'Oreal and Garnier in my old age: most of the skincare stuff I've used from brands like those just haven't worked for me - and they're not necessarily that cheap either. 

This cream for instance costs $49.95, and for that price you're better off looking at something from eg Antipodes or seeing whether less expensive Mecca brands like Bare Minerals, Mario Badescu or Ren are a good fit for you. L'Oreal's better at makeup, in my experience.

Just sayin'.

L'Oreal claims/product details:
  • An anti-ageing cream with a dual pump system
  • The system comprises two highly concentrated anti-ageing ingredients, including two per cent vitamin CG to help correct, unify and illuminate for smoother, brighter skin on the surface
  • Six per cent pro-xylane helps stimulate and strengthen the support fibres of the skin to repair, remodel and redensify
  • The ingredients are stored separately, but mix together at the last moment for ultimate efficacy
  • The fresh, light and fluid formula instantly absorbs into the skin
  • RRP $49.95 AUD for 48ml, but do shop around


First, I like the packaging of this product because it has a pump and it's a sturdy plastic that's lightweight and it didn't break when I accidentally dropped it (so better than glass). The whole dual-action thing seems a bit gimmicky to me and I'm sure there's a reason why the two portions of the product are housed separately, but that aspect doesn't make me think more or less of the product and I find it unnecessary.

The instructions say to use one pump but I need at least two for my dry skin if I'm going to cover my neck and dec as well as my face, which makes this product quite expensive on a price-per-use basis and I expect 'pharmacy' brands to work out more cheaply than this does.

I've been using this in conjunction with the L'Oreal Revitalift Classic Concentrated Serum (which I received in a subscription box) and while I quite like the serum, this moisturiser doesn't wow me.

The scent concerns me because I smell alcohol and fragrance, which can be irritating. While this cream hasn't irritated my skin, it also hasn't done much for it either and I've noticed no benefits from using it.

My skin is dry/dehydrated and I'm 36, and I really notice when products aren't doing a good job because it shows on my face. This cream doesn't absorb properly and it leaves a film on my skin that feels a touch waxy, and it coats my skin so that any product I place over it (eg overnight cream or primer) doesn't want to absorb.

Also, this leaves my skin feeling dry and looking parched, so I know that it's not delivering hydration and nourishment where I need it. I've had to use an oil underneath this (as well as a serum) during the testing period, because after a week my skin was looking and feeling uncomfortable and more wrinkly when I used this alone.

If you have normal skin and are younger than me then this might be ok, but I wouldn't recommend it for dry or dehydrated skin, based on my experience with the product.

As mentioned above, I'd look elsewhere for decent, inexpensive skincare.

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