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Today I have a review for you that I've wanted to write for ages - I just kept holding off on it because this product doesn't work for me but it's from Kerastase and so many people rave about it that I wanted to keep trying it to see if I could love it too.

Unfortunately I just don't, and since I have it in my hair today and I can feel and see it - and not in a good way - now seems like the time to finally write my review. After that I'll be putting the product in the 'next for Project Pan' basket because I can't see myself getting through it in any other way.

Kerastase claims/product details:
  • A versatile beautifying treatment oil for all hair types
  • Hair is nourished, soft, radiant, light and protected from external aggressors
  • Provides intense nourishment, leaves very dry hair with a shiny, soft and supple finish
  • Seals the nutrition inside hair and protects it from dryness
  • Five ways to use: pre-cleanse to remove impurities while adding deep nourishment; intensive leave-in conditioning to nourish and soften; before blow-drying to nourish hair and facilitate styling; after blow-drying to control frizz and enhance radiance; and for re-touching throughout the day for added control, shine and protection
  • RRP $59 AUD for 100ml


This is one of those products that just didn't want to work for me no matter what I did, so I've finally given up and you'll soon be seeing it in Project Pan 2017 because I need to find some way to get through it. 

Although it was a GWP and I didn't pay for it, I still don't like seeing products go to waste and I'm planning to use it as a pre-wash oil to give myself a scalp massage with, since I really enjoyed the scalp massages I was giving myself with another hair oil that I received in a sub box during 2016.

The product is a lightweight oil with a jasmine scent that I really enjoy. The first thing I noticed about it is that it doesn't feel like other oils - it's so lightweight that you're barely aware of the product when you pump it into your hand.

Now I have dry, frizzy hair that's always in need of hydration, and I usually love hair oils so I was expecting to love this one - particularly because it's from Kerastase and that brand is well-loved in the beauty community and its product don't come cheap.

But unfortunately this product just didn't hit the mark for me: when I apply it to my dry ends, all it does is coat them so it makes my hair look dirty and I can feel the film whenever I touch it, plus it reduces the time between washes because it makes my hair so lank and that's never a good thing.

In my experience, a good oil should 'bind' with the hair shaft and make your locks look and feel more nourished, but this doesn't do that for me. It's like my hair 'repels' it so it doesn't absorb, meaning it's not a good leave-in product for me and I'm regretting giving this one last try before writing this review because now my hair feels awful and looks dirty and I'll have to wash it today, which I wasn't planning to do. Blurgh.

I've also tried it as a pre-wash treatment and it did nothing for me when used that way, so there's really no use I have for this product other than seeing how it goes as a massage oil for my scalp just before I wash my hair.

So for me, this oil just doesn't do what it's meant to and I can't recommend it. Do note, however, that I've seen a few beauty youtubers and bloggers rave about the product, so it could just be that it doesn't 'mesh' with my hair.

I must say, I'm annoyed about this because I was expecting to love it - so I've given it a 'disappointing products' tag and it may yet show up on one of my 'disappointing products' lists in future.

Just not for me.

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