Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector (Pressed) in Champagne Pop - review and swatches


I've had this highlighter ever since it was released in Australia (must be almost two years ago) and only now am I coming to review it. Indeed, I've had Becca's Opal for even longer and still haven't reviewed that either.

Ooops! Better late than never I guess.

I introduced this product to my Project Dent series two weeks ago (see here) and I was using it every day until the last few days, when I've been testing other products. 

So I do plan to do an update post soon but I'll give myself a few more days of use before I do that.

While I do like Becca's UFO packaging, I was always a bit sad that they didn't make the packaging different for this (previously) limited edition release. Only the box was changed. 

Sure, Becca cottoned on to fancy packaging eventually and any limited edition releases now come in special packaging, but this one missed out.

Hoh well. Not the world's largest issue ; )  

Becca claims/product details:
  • An exclusive shade of the bestselling, creamy highlighter powder to light up your best features with a high-shine finish
  • Like a spotlight for your skin
  • With a high-impact, ultra-reflective shine
  • Inspired by the dazzling light of the midday sun, this iconic formula is enriched with ultra-fine, luminescent pearls that absorb, reflect and refract light to amplify your natural radiance
  • The multi-toned pigment pearls adjust to your skin’s natural undertones
  • Unlike traditional pressed powders, this formula blends pigments with liquids to create an unparalleled, creamy feel that applies seamlessly for a silky finish without caking
  • For an elegant finish that doesn’t look glittery
  • 'Champagne Pop' shade is a soft gold with sunny, peach undertones - created in collaboration with Jaclyn Hill
  • RRP $68 AUD for 8g

There's the pan in direct sunlight below:

Now for swatches.

Below I've given you a heavier swatch and a lighter one in different lights, and after that I've given you some comparison swatches so you can see how it looks alongside other popular highlighters.

Direct sunlight:

 Indirect sunlight (you can really see the peach here): 

Natural light (outdoors): 

Now for comparison swatches. 

Below I've swatched it alongside Becca's Opal, Kevyn Aucoin's The Celestial Powder in Candlelight and TheBalm's Mary-Lou Manizer.

Direct sunlight: 

* L-R: Champagne Pop, Opal, Mary-Lou, Candlelight 

Indirect sunlight:

 * L-R: Champagne Pop, Opal, Mary-Lou, Candlelight 

 Natural light (outdoors): 

* L-R: Champagne Pop, Opal, Mary-Lou, Candlelight 

Natural light (indoors): 

 * L-R: Champagne Pop, Opal, Mary-Lou, Candlelight 


I do really like this highlighter - indeed, it made my 2016 yearly favourites (see here) - but it's not my favourite formula and it's the colour more than anything that draws me to this product.

It's a beautifully soft, creamy powder that feels divine in texture. Almost like a powder cushion. I may be imagining things but I think Champagne Pop is even a tiny bit smoother and softer than Opal. This texture is just how I like my powders to feel: like luxury to the touch.

Worth noting is that I didn't buy Becca's Opal for years because I thought it would be too intense for my personal tastes (I prefer a natural highlight) but eventually I got sick of hearing everyone rave about it so I bought one for myself. I was happy to discover that you can go in really carefully with these so a natural highlight is achievable - it's just that you can barely touch your brush into the pan if that's the look you're going for.

Also worth noting is that I can see super tiny flecks of glitter in this - including when I apply it to my face. Sure, they're almost impossible to see and probably only I am aware of them, but they are there.

The reason why Becca doesn't make my favourite formula for highlighters is that they can emphasise texture. Even if I apply the smallest amount, my pores do look more noticeable when I wear Champagne Pop or Opal. If you prefer a stronger highlight then the problem will be even worse, but if you use a tiny amount, it's not too bad.

Having said this, I recently bought Becca's Prismatic Amethyst and that doesn't emphasise texture - so Becca has obviously changed the formula and I for one am pleased about that.

There's something magical about Champagne Pop as a colour, I must say. I've heard others say that Jaclyn Hill really nailed the colour, and I have to agree with them. Of all the highlighters I own, this is probably my favourite colour - even though the formula isn't my favourite.

Champagne Pop also looks beautiful on the eyes, and I often reach for it for that purpose even if it's not my facial highlight of the day. I think it's the peachy warmth that makes it special.

The product applies and blends well, and it lasts well on me too. I have no complaints about the formula overall, except for the can-emphasise-texture issue.

All in all, this is a beautiful highlighter and I do love it. It's just not perfect so it's not HG for me, but I do recommend it and it contains so much product that I'll likely be passing it on to my grandchildren.


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