Thankyou Body Wash with Botanical Mint & Spring Flowers - review


You may remember that my husband picked up a few Thankyou products a while ago, and I've already reviewed the hand wash (see here) and the hand sanitiser (see here).

The hand wash I didn't like at all but the sanitiser is quite good, and this body wash falls somewhere in the middle: I don't hate it but I don't love it either. More on that below.

Briefly, 'Thankyou' is a relatively new brand that, according to its website, gives 100% of its profits to life-changing projects that help people in need. 

'With the help of everyday Australians,' the brand says, 'we have given over $4.8 million (as of October 2016) to our projects in 18 countries, which translates to getting food, safe water and sanitation, and child and maternal health services to hundreds and thousands of people.'

Given this starting point, it's the kind of brand I would like to support but I certainly wouldn't do it via the hand wash products. This body wash, however, although I don't like it for myself, it's super gentle so it's one I'm happy to use on the kids. 

Indeed, I may well buy another one for use at bath-time only: mind you, I wouldn't be buying it if the proceeds weren't going to a good cause.

Thankyou claims/product details:
  • A blend of natural oils and the botanical extracts of eucalyptus and fresh spearmint in this body wash will cleanse, revitalise and refresh your body
  • Every Thankyou product has a Tracker ID that allows you to track your impact and see the contribution you've made via the Thankyou website
  • It's important to protect and nourish our skin, which is why we have worked with expert chemists in the field to make sure that they're giving you a premium product, minus any harsh chemicals
  • Plus this bottle helps get water and sanitation services to people in need
  • Contains no SLS, SLES, EDTA or parabens
  • Vegan friendly
  • Not tested on animals
  • Made with love in Australia
  • RRP $7.99 AUD for 500ml, but do shop around


There's not heaps to say about this product so I'll be brief.

It's a clear gel that's medium-thick and it smells like mint so it's nice and refreshing to use.

It lathers a little but not much and it's definitely not an astringent product, so I can tell that it doesn't contain any nasties and it should be safe to use on sensitive skin: it's definitely been a good one to use on the baby and the toddler.

I don't like using it as my own body wash because it's not particularly luxurious or exciting, and while it does clean well enough, I have other body washes that I prefer so I don't want to use this one if it's better-suited to other members of the family.

What I have done, though, is dispensed some of the product into our hand wash containers in the bathroom and kitchen - so I do use it frequently on my dry hands - and I'm pleased to report that it hasn't stripped them or made any dryness worse, so that's a huge plus. 

It's the kind of hand wash that you don't need to apply hand cream afterwards if you don't have the time to because it leaves your hands feeling soft and lightly nourished after use.

Mind you, it's not the most effective product in terms of grease removal, so if I've just been handling something oily/greasy in the kitchen, I'll need to wash my hands a couple of times with this before they feel clean.

On the claims, I generally agree with those and I do find the mint fragrance refreshing and uplifting, so I'm enjoying sniffing it every day when we bathe the kids or wash our hands.

Otherwise I don't love the product and it's not one I would repurchase for myself, but as mentioned above - it's great for young sensitive skin so it's perfect for kids or those with super sensitive skin - and I'll likely keep trying different fragrances in the range until we find our favourite.


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