Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift - review


This Dermalogica eye cream sample (it's 6ml) came as a GWP a while ago and I started using it at the beginning of July, so it's been almost two months now and it's time to review it.

To start with I only used it in the mornings because I wanted the sample to last long enough to give it a fair review, but over the last couple of weeks I've been using it twice-daily because I'd like to get through it.

Reason being, I don't love it. More on why below.

If you read this blog you'll know that Dermalogica is one of those brands that (mostly) doesn't work for me. 

I've tried a lot from Dermalogica over the years without actually buying anything because the brand's GWPs are always everywhere, and indeed the only things to date that I've used from Dermalogica and enjoy are the Skin Smoothing Cream (reviewed here) and the Ultracalming Cleanser (I tried a sachet and loved it so I may well buy it in future).

I know that Dermalogica products work for many, but I'm an Alpha-H girl all the way - that's just what my skin tells me.

Dermalogica claims/product details:
  • Active, cooling cream-gel masque energises skin to reduce visible signs of stress
  • High-performance formula minimises the appearance of puffiness and dark circles, increases skin luminosity, lifts the eye area and helps restore skin-barrier integrity
  • Contains a variety of active ingredients that work synergistically to visibly energise the delicate eye area
  • Wild indigo seed actives illuminate the eye area and help reduce the appearance of dark circles
  • Fermented yeast and a unique hyaluronic acid blend firm the skin to help generate a lifting effect
  • Sea water extract and arctic algae counter the look of puffiness and heavy under-eye bags
  • To use: apply generously around cleansed eye area; leave on for 3-5 minutes; massage any excess product into skin or tissue off; use as needed for a quick boost or daily to address signs of chronic eye fatigue; apply lightly over makeup for extra luminosity or use as an in-flight pick-me-up for tired eyes
  • RRP $95 AUD for 25ml, but do shop around


You may have heard me say before that I have an eye wrinkle over the puffy part of my hooded eyes that only appears when I'm using a bad eye cream. It hasn't appeared during the testing period with this product, so I don't think it's terrible - it's just not right for me.

It's quite a thick product and there's something a little tacky and gluey about the texture. I'd call it a cream/gel hybrid, and on me I don't feel that all the product absorbs, no matter how little I use. Indeed, I wasn't surprised to see that the ingredients include glycerin (see Dermalogica's website for the full list), so that's likely where the tacky, shiny coating comes from.

It has a fresh, clean scent that isn't overpowering so it doesn't bother me. You apply a good amount and leave it on for a few minutes before massaging in the excess. My skin is dry so I can do that, but if you have oily skin you may need to remove the excess with a tissue. 

To start with I hadn't read the product directions so I just threw this on as you would any old eye cream. To be honest I've noticed no difference in the product's efficacy whether you apply it normally or follow the directions, so that's something to be aware of: you'll use less if you don't do the mask thing.

And using less is surely a bonus, since this product retails for close to $100 AUD. Sure you get more product (25ml as opposed to the standard 15ml for an eye cream), but still. It ain't cheap.

Over the last two weeks of twice-daily applications I've tried to work out what this product is actually doing. The answer is not much. I mean, it must be hydrating at least a little because my eye wrinkle is nowhere to be found, but it doesn't feel very nourishing on my dry skin and I've resorted to applying a facial oil over the top at night because this doesn't do enough for me on its own.

Also, I don't like the shiny finish. Problem is, I have hooded eyes (super puffy) and my under-eye bags are raised, so when I apply something shiny over them, they look more pronounced. I just applied the product to one eye and that side looks more sick and swollen than the other (certainly not what I want - I look sick enough already, as indeed I am).

As for claims: no it doesn't feel cooling on me; no it absolutely doesn't reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles (quite the reverse in my case); yes it does make the skin look more luminous, but not in a good way (for me); and yes I suppose it does make the skin look feel a bit firmer and look more lifted, but that's the tacky glycerin finish at work - and again, it just makes my puff look more pronounced.

In sum, I don't like this product and I can't recommend it. Perhaps if you have deep-set eyes (so the luminous finish would work in your favour) and you don't have dry skin, this might do something for you - but it's not the right eye cream for me.

Not a fan.

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