The big declutter 2017: declutter round #5


Hello and welcome to another little declutter post for 2017!

This is my fifth one to date and I quickly shot these photos yesterday when Mum dropped by and mentioned she was on her way to see my sister (who lives on the other side of town). Since my sister joked not long ago that she doesn't have a big Mecca budget these days, I wanted to send a few little treats her way.

Let's have a look.

Revlon UniqOne Hair Treatment

This range from Revlon apparently offers the most advanced technology and gives you ten benefits to help you achieve spectacular results. This particular product is a leave-in spray treatment that should repair dry/damaged hair; offer shine and frizz control; protect your hair from heat; and leave it smooth and silky.

I wound up with two of these in back-to-back boxes from the Parcel, and since I haven't even opened the first one yet, I've decided to send this one packing. Even if I like it, I don't need two. This went to a haircare-loving friend: it's the one item I didn't pass on to my sister.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner in Intense Black

This came in our last Mecca Beauty Loop box (unboxed here). It's described as a cult-classic eyeliner and claims to deliver long-wearing waterproof capabilities and a precise application.

While I'm sure that many people would have been super happy to receive this, I don't wear liquid eyeliner and I also don't wear black (I find that brown is more natural).

This is a product I'm happy to pass on because I know someone will be thrilled with it.

Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Lip in Crimson Glow

This came in the same Mecca box. Each shade is apparently loaded with four levels of light-reflective pearls and the formula should never feel sticky, dry or uncomfortable. These are full-coverage liquid lipsticks that are formulated with a mix of multidimensional, molten metallic and vinyl-like lacquered finishes. 

I was never going to wear a metallic lip product and red doesn't suit me (plus I've avoided the whole liquid lipstick trend because my lips are so damn dry), so hopefully my sister enjoys this or at least knows someone who will. Just not my thing.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 Cleanser for Face and Eyes 

This cleanser aims to remove makeup and dissolve dirt, tone and hydrate your skin in one step. It's apparently an award-winning product.

I've used at least two of these 30ml samples before and hated them both (it's a rubbish cleanser - does nothing for me). I thought I'd reviewed it but haven't, and I won't keep this sample for review purposes because I can't bear to use it again. I do seem to be in the minority with this product though so no doubt someone will love it.

ASAP Daily Exfoliating Facial Scrub

I received three of these 5ml samples via Adore Beauty orders and I've used one but will probably declutter the other two. It was ok: I didn't love it but didn't hate it either. It contains little grains that don't feel too harsh on the skin so I do think it would be ok for daily use, and it wasn't too much for my dry, sensitive skin.

If I didn't already have enough skincare I may well have kept it, but since it was a 'meh' product for me and I just don't need it, I may as well send it to someone who isn't drowning in products like I am.

Benefit The POREfessional

Full review here. I know a lot of people swear by this primer but it doesn't work for me and it never has, so I might as well pass this one on.

I received it as part of a GWP and it's a nice little 3ml sample that should last a while because a little goes a long way.

While this product works wonders for some people in terms of smoothing the skin and minimising pores, all it does for me is ball up and/or make my face feel slippery, and it doesn't help with texture because it slides around too much and doesn't stay where it should.

Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipstick 

This came from the Parcel too, and the formula is described as the perfect balance between a 100% matte finish and lasting, wearable comfort.

I received the shade 002 Pure Pink. I've seen a swatch and while it looks like a nice colour, I already know that it won't suit me (few pinks do) and I also prefer cream lipsticks over matte ones because my lips are so damn dry. Hopefully someone else will enjoy it.

In sum

That's all from me! I like doing these little declutters every couple of months because they help keep my collection under control and also ensure that things are getting sent to better homes while they're well within expiry.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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