Project Pan 2017 mini update #27


Well, good news. I've knocked out another couple of items from my Project Pan list and I may well finish more before month's end. Fingers crossed!

What's good about finishing things - especially makeup - is that I know every empty is now one step closer towards getting my makeup collection below one hundred items in total. Since I'm due for another inventory post at the end of September, finishing things is extra exciting because I might just get there.

So, I've finished a travel-sized liquid highlighter and a travel-sized powder foundation.

The highlighter was one of Japonesque's Liquid Light products (swatches and mini review here) and I didn't love it because it was too peach to be versatile and it also contained very fine bits of visible glitter that I didn't love. 

Since I couldn't mix it with my foundation because it changed the undertone and added sparkle, what I did was mix some in a pot with a cream contour that I'm currently panning, and then add that to my sunscreen each day - which gave a bronze glow under my makeup that I quite enjoyed. Still, I'm glad it's gone.

The Nude by Nature powder foundation I hated (swatches and mini review here). It didn't provide any coverage with the first two layers - and I'm someone who prefers a lighter base so it must have been bad - and by the time I got to the third layer, it looked cakey. It was also rubbish at oil control so I got through it by dusting a layer over my sunscreen. It served no purpose but at least it's gone.

So, my replacements. These are two of my favourite products but they're also some of the oldest ones I own so it's time to get through them.

First, my Becca Backlight Priming Filter (reviewed here). I absolutely love this stuff but it's been open for close to a year now and the shelf-life is only six months (I guess because it contains coconut water) so it's time to finish it.

The other product is of course my Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector (Liquid) in Opal (reviewed here). It's my last-remaining Becca liquid highlighter and I've had it for at least a couple of years now so it's definitely time to get cracking.

There's the Becca primer above. You'll see it has two markers: that's because I was planning to introduce it earlier on but decided to wait a little longer.

Looks like there's around a third left, and I expect it to be gone within a couple of months. I do love this product but I can't wear it with my sheerer tinted moisturisers because it's too shiny for that, so it's a good one to pan alongside my Nars tinted moisturiser (also on my list) since that has more coverage so it can 'handle' the glow in this one.

As for the Becca highlighter, I was really surprised to open the bottle up and find that there's only a quarter left. I mean, I suppose it's the one I used the most of the three I owned - but still.

What this means is that I'll be able to finish it by year's end without issue. I tend to use this mixed in with my base product (as opposed to using it for spot highlighting) and it works with everything so I'll happily use it until it's gone.

After that I'll only have one liquid highlighter - being another Nude by Nature product that came in a Priceline goodies bag - and if I don't like it, I'll likely declutter it and then buy a fresh Becca one. Perhaps one of the newer shades, just for something different.

In sum

Hooray for more empties! It hasn't been a bad month for Project Pan so far and I'm looking forward to moving more things out of my collection in the last few days of August. Fingers crossed again!

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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