Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm - review


I bought this cleanser during Maslow & Co's Christmas sales last year, since it had come in one of the two boxes I'd missed and I was interested to try it - plus I was low on cleansing balms at the time so it was a win/win situation.

I'm pleased to report that I do like it and that it does a good job of cleansing the skin and removing makeup, although I tend to use it as my morning cleanser because I would rather use my nicer stuff as skin cleansers and not for gunk removal. More on that below.

Merumaya claims/product details:
  • Our bestselling facial melting cleansing balm
  • The Guardian tested 10 bestselling cleansing balms and crowned ours 'the King of Cleansing Balms'
  • Effective cleansing is the cornerstone to beautiful and vibrant-looking skin
  • With sweet almond and echium oils, literally melts makeup, grime and SPF away
  • Skin is left hydrated and glowing
  • A fantastic, multitasking product, brilliant for holidays: use it as a cleanser, body cream, pre-shampoo conditioner, hydrating face mask, shaving cream and lip balm
  • No skin-clogging waxes, animal ingredients (no beeswax) or petrolatum that are commonly found in jar-type balms
  • Full of skin-nurturing natural oils
  • For all skin types including sensitive and acneic
  • To use: massage into dry skin, watch it melt your makeup away, then remove with water or a damp cloth
  • RRP $38 AUD for 100ml, but do shop around

This product is available in Australia from Maslow & Co's website but you may also be able to find it elsewhere, given how popular it is.

Worth noting is that I ran a search on this and discovered that it's been reviewed by every man and his dog (including Caroline Hirons and Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends), so it's definitely one of those products that's done the rounds and is hugely popular in the beauty community.


This is a good product and I'm enjoying using it. The question is whether it's overtaken my Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel (reviewed here) as my favourite oil/balm cleanser, and while I don't think it has, they're pretty close and this one's cheaper for those living in the UK. For us Australians they cost about the same.

It's a balm product that melts beautifully across the skin so a little goes a long way and this tube is lasting ages. Thankfully it also has a 24 month shelf-life, so if like me you tend to have too many cleansers open at once and/or often want to put something aside for a while so you can try something else, a longer shelf-life can only be a good thing.

The product has quite a strong, herbal scent: it smells quite tangy and ginger-like to me, and it definitely reminds me of some Aveda haircare I've tried. If you don't like the smell it may well bother you because it's quite strong, but I personally don't mind it.

I've tried this as a makeup remover and it does the job well so you could certainly use it for that purpose if you wanted to. However as mentioned above, I prefer to use budget makeup removers for that and opt to keep products like this for skin cleansing only.

Mostly I use this in the morning when I wake up. I whack it on and leave it there for as long as it takes to change nappies and give the kids breakfast, and it helps keep my dry skin comfortable until I have time to do my skincare routine. After it's been on for a while, I go in and apply water to emulsify it, then I massage it in before removing it with a damp face cloth.

One of the things I like about this product is that it's very easy to remove. Sometimes balm or oil cleansers take a bit of work to wash off so I tend to use them as a first cleanse before going in with something else, but you don't need to do that with this because it comes off the skin beautifully.

I also like that it leaves my face feeling soft, clean and hydrated - and indeed some days I'll use it in the evenings as well (after makeup removal) if my skin is feeling extra dry that day. I find that if I leave it on for a while before stepping into the shower, it operates as a kind of hydrating mask that targets any dryness and dehydration.

On the claims, I think I've generally covered those (it meets them) but note that I haven't tried this product for any of the alternative purposes mentioned (eg, as a body cream or pre-conditioning treatment for the hair): I've just used it as a cleanser/mask hybrid and I'll continue to do so because I don't want to waste it on other things.

All in all, this is lovely product and I recommend it. I'm also yet to see a bad review of this cleanser - presumably some exist because not every product can work for everyone - so it's safe to say that this is one of those rare products that most people really enjoy, and that's saying something.


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