Wyte Luxe Whitening Applicator - review and photos


This product has been up for review for ages now and I'd better get cracking because it's currently on my Project Pan list and I don't think it will be around for much longer.

It came in Maslow & Co's Global Beauty Edit last year (unboxed here) and it was one of those products that I just wasn't using - not because I didn't want to, but because it's hard for me to find the time for 'extras' like this since I have young kids.

Anyhoo. That's why I threw it into Project Pan, which in turn is why I've now almost finished it.

Wyte claims/product details:
  • A luxe cosmetic applicator housing a powerful teeth-whitening gel 
  • Small enough to place in a purse or pocket
  • Has a luxe finish that lets you apply it proudly anywhere, anytime
  • Our specialised gel targets and penetrates the tiny pores of your tooth enamel and gently oxidises stains
  • Doesn't damage the structure of teeth 
  • Stains are lifted gently, making your teeth brighter and whiter instantly
  • Contains 6% hydrogen peroxide
  • Safe for veneers, caps and crowns
  • Great for coffee, tea and red wine stained teeth
  • Easy to use click function
  • Applicator contains 300 clicks
  • RRP $29.95 AUD for 5ml

There's the click-top above, which you press in order to dispense product onto the wand.

I do like the packaging and it's definitely the easiest, most fuss-free tooth whitening product I've used to date - plus it looks sleek and fancy, so it's more appealing than those chunky mouth-guard arrangements I've used before.

There's the brush dispenser above (and there's a close-up below).

Wyte's website contains the below tips for use:
  1. Remove cap and click button until gel rises to the brush tip
  2. Apply an even layer of gel onto the surface of the teeth, avoiding gums and lips
  3. Smile and leave the gel to dry for 30 seconds before relaxing lips
  4. Leave for 10 to 15 minutes, then wipe off or rinse if necessary 
  5. Avoid eating and drinking for at least 20 minutes after application
  6. Continue use until desired whitening has been achieved or as directed by your dentist
  7. For best results use at night before bed, allowing the product to have more contact with teeth for longer


There's not a lot to say about this product so I'll be brief.

As mentioned above, the packaging is a pen-style arrangement and you click the base to dispense a small amount of gel onto the brush. You then apply a thin layer of gel to the teeth (you don't need much) and allow it to dry before letting your lips fall over your teeth again.

This product is easy to use and the only awkward thing I find about it is smiling for thirty seconds while the gel dries. It's actually harder to do than you might think, because you're not doing a 'normal' smile but one that ensures your lips aren't touching your teeth.

After that you leave it on for fifteen minutes before removing it. It does dry down and I'm not aware of the product once it's dry - you can't see or feel it - and the only thing I notice is a small bleach taste in my mouth, which I generally spit out (sorry gross, but there it is).

One thing to note about this product is that you'll need to brush your teeth first (or at least I do), otherwise the gel doesn't work as well. This makes sense, obviously - otherwise there's build-up between the gel and your teeth - but it's worth noting because I didn't brush my teeth beforehand on the first few uses in case this increased tooth-sensitivity. It doesn't, and I've never noticed any sensitivity when using this product so I agree that it's gentle.

I use mine perhaps three or four times a week (so every second day) and that's enough to lift the top layer of staining. Note this isn't the most effective tooth whitener I've ever used - other products have given me more immediate, visible results - but I don't mind that because it's so gentle and easy to use.

If you wanted to use this every day, you would probably see faster and more visible results than I have, but I'm happy enough with the difference I get from less frequent uses.

Overall, I do like this product and I recommend it. It's not one I would buy because I don't want to drop thirty bucks on tooth-whitening at the moment, but I can see myself becoming more interested in white teeth once I have the time to dedicate to such things. As it is, I do my makeup and skincare but my hair, teeth and nails don't make my 'grooming list'. Perhaps when the kids are older ; )

A good product.

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