April 2014 FAB box Lust Have It (LHI) - unboxing and first impressions


This was the box I received using the May women's box $20 discount card, because a lovely lass called Julie who works in the customer service team at LHI was happy to give me the April FAB box instead of the May one, since she had a few left. Lucky me!

I have to say, the customer service I've experienced with LHI has been good for all sorts of reasons: they're generally responsive, happy to replace broken products and they meet my service expectations. I understand that not everyone has had this experience with LHI, and I suspect I've been randomly lucky in managing to have issues during non-peak periods.

Of course, like everyone else I've had countless boxes turn up in the month following the month I was meant to receive them, but this doesn't bother me too much so long as they arrive in the end. (Plus it means the excitement is more spread out and I'm not receiving boxes from LHI, Bellabox and Violet Box all in the same week.)

I wanted the April FAB box because I was keen to try the Glamourflage products and had seen from earlier reviews that the box came with a bracelet I liked the look of. (Note: I received two bracelets, in fact, presumably to replace the earrings since I mentioned to Julie that I don't have pierced ears. I'm assuming this can't have been an error - thanks LHI!)

I've been holding off on writing this review since I hadn't until yesterday opened the face mask and nail polishes, and I wanted to review these products for you properly.


There's what they look like:

Glamourflage Poppy Passion Boudoir Candle (RRP $25.95 for 227g; received full size)

I love this candle. From the label it has a citrus scent but I'm sure I smell jasmine. In any event, the smell is divine and lasts for hours (both the smell and the candle). It's still going strong and I must have had it going for eight hours at least so far. Probably my favourite item in the box.

Glamourflage Mia Sublime Face Mask (RRP $29.95 for 120ml; received full size)

This mask contains white Chinese clay, witch hazel and aloe vera, plus other moisturising ingredients to purify and tone the skin.

It's supposed to smooth and hydrate (according to the product details), but I found it a bit drying and had to apply extra moisturiser after use. I'm really not sure about the smell of this product - it's kind of like cheap flowers mixed with bubble gum. The mask is reasonably thick and the tin holds a decent amount of product so the container will last a while.

I love Glamourflage packaging, and am using both this and the candle as display items - so there's a win there even if the products aren't sensational. Yay to that : )

LHI Accessories Crystal Sunrise Bracelet (RRP $24.95; earrings were RRP $19.95)

This is probably the nicest piece of jewellery I've received in a FAB box, and also the one of best quality (the jewellery pieces can sometimes feel cheap). I've already worn it a few times; it has a nice heavy feel and not too much bling. Very happy with these : )

Polished London Nail Polish (RRP $7.99 for 10ml; received two)

The consistency of these is quite thin/runny (especially the purple one) and the purple one may require three coats (two for the red) to reach a decent colour. Thin polishes can often mean streaks when applied, and this is true of the purple colour, although the streakiness improved on the second coat.

As you'll see (below), I've put the purple on three nails and the red on two. I applied no base coat to any nail, but I did apply Sally Hansen's Diamond Flash (fast dry top coat) to my ring and index fingers, just to see how the products lasted on their own and how they lasted with some help.

As for longevity, there's a bit of chipping at the very tips, but it's so small that you can't tell from the photos. There seems to be no difference between those nails with a top coat and those without. After a day or two, what I'll do is take another photo to see where things are at. Verdict: these might last pretty well on someone whose nail polish usually lasts all of two seconds!

On colour: while I'm glad the red is a deeper shade, I already have two reds that are similar enough in colour - I'll have to finish one off before I use this again since I hate things going off. I prefer the purple, but wish it was brighter or had a better colour pay-off. Still, perhaps with a third coat I might achieve the desired effect.

In sum

I loved this box. The total comes in at over $110, so for the standard $35 monthly fee it's pretty good value. My favourite item is probably the candle - in part because of its packaging and also since I don't find myself overloaded with candles (unlike I do with nail polish and face masks!).

Did you receive this box? If so, let me know your thoughts : )

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