Some beauty confessions...


I was reluctant to write this post (lord knows why ; ) ), but then remembered: this blog is about life and being human - and being human includes our obsessions. So here goes...

My beauty code

I use up shite products before the 'special' ones because I hate waste. Or rather, I have OCD when it comes to waste (that's not a joke - my sub-shrink confirms it) and shelf-lives aren't that long. I seriously need to stop doing this. I must start using the stuff I love because I have it and it's there to use!

I cut open sample sachets (yep, even those) when they're 'finished', just to paste the open pack over my face (what a weirdo) so nothing is wasted.

Any cute container I receive will be kept for life (or until it literally falls apart/can't be cleaned any longer). I need to use my other half as the 'independent umpire' here. I still argue with him of course, but anyhoo...

Those travel-sized containers are great to squirt my full-size primer into so they can be stored in the heat of bathroom (Mr Mex, Mexican hubbo - like Dubbo?! has showers that are hot and long enough to skin chickens - that's what his mum says anyway...).

Those primers can be 'enhanced' with old, pale eye-shadows to make an illuminating primer (scrape off an amount that looks about right, stir it in and you're good to go).

I don't open 'special' purchases straight away. I save them for a day when I feel buggeristic (yeah ok, that's not a word - but I'm quite sure that someone told me 'writers are allowed to make words up'?! Fark where's an interrobang when you need one). Of course, I don't leave them there for more than 6.24 months... Seriously, I have like a timer going on Mr Lappy... Ahem. My computer.

My husband is forced to follow my code. I get grumpy if he has eg body creams that have been open and sitting on the bathroom shelf for 'far too long'. If they've been there for ages, I use them too so they get finished. Fair?! So far beyond fair that fair is a dot to me now (ok yeah, so I quoted that Joey/Chandler convo - but who's listening?).

I'd say that's enough madness for now -what are your beauty confessions?

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