Claytime Australia Pure Mineral Bronzer - review and swatches


This bronzer showed up in one of Lust Have It's boxes this year. I've given it a good test run and wanted to review it.

The LHI product came in a 'special edition' for subscribers. RRP $29.95 and 3g in size, and therefore more than enough product to trial it properly (who ever gets through full size bronzers and blushes anyway?).

As you can see it's a nice medium brown colour. What you can't see is that it has pink undertones (and therefore isn't the right colour for me - products with yellow/orange/red bases work better on my skin).

What also doesn't show up in the below swatch is the noticeable sparkle/glitter in the product.

What Claytime says
  • Instant safe tan 
  • Doubles as a contour powder
  • Apply to cleavage for instant plunging look; apply to cheeks, face, arms or legs for an instant touch of tan to skin
  • Can be applied as an eyeshadow

  • It's buildable.
  • The colour would suit many people, particularly those with fairer skin.
  • It can be used on the face, body and as an eyeshadow.

  • It's not overly pigmented and it took a lot of product to reach the colour on my wrist above.
  • It's not suitable if you're too tanned. I'm wearing it on my face now but you can barely see it because the colour isn't strong enough (that's why I haven't included a face swatch).
  • I don't like the noticeable glitter (which emphasises my pores) and I don't think it's a suitable day/office wear product for many.
  • It's not the most blendable product I've tried - particularly if your skin isn't moisturised enough - and can stick to dry patches.

In sum

I'm glad I've trialled this product but it's not my favourite and I'll likely pass it on. I've applied it today not only on my cheeks, but also as an eyeshadow - I applied it wet on my eyelids (for a deeper colour) and dry leading up to my brow-bone (for a softer colour).

Verdict: I wouldn't have bought this, but if like me you have it already, don't discount it - there are ways to use it and I really like it as an eyeshadow.

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