Glamourflage Jane Gem Primer - review


In our April Lust Have It women's boxes we were given a choice of a Glamourflage primer or lip/cheek stain. I can't rave enough about LHI's brilliant idea to let us choose a product each month - not only is it exciting to investigate and choose, we're also much more likely to end up with something we'll actually use.

I chose the primer without second thought since I have a ridiculous amount of lip and cheek products that I can't hope to get through any time soon, and I certainly don't need anything else in red (which the stain was).

How awesome is Glamourflage's packaging? I've had this sitting next to a candle and face mask of theirs, occupying pride of place on my dresser because they just look so cool. They may be booted by recent purchases from theBalm if I need a change of scene, but for now they're staying put.

Product details
  • RRP $22.95 for 8.5ml. This is a pretty strange size for a primer I reckon. Any others I own in full size are 30ml and travel sizes tend to be around 15ml. Still, if it means paying less for less product (so we don't wind up with a full-sized item that we don't like), I'm ok with that.
  • 12 month shelf-life when opened. Fine for something of this nature and size.
  • Claims to: banish shine and create the perfect base for your make up. It primes and soothes the complexion to help make up last even longer, aiding a flawless finish.
  • Ingredients: includes silicones, so be careful if your skin doesn't like these.


I love this. It's a thick, clear gel with a velvety feel. Glides on nice and smoothly and helps with the application of liquid foundation. It has a nail polish-type applicator and I'm not sure how I feel about this. Means you're getting bacteria on the brush with each use. I suppose you could wipe the brush on a normal brush and then go from there, but I'd rather a squeeze tube or pump. Still, the packaging looks cute and I'm all for different designs.

I'm not sure how much longer this makes my foundation last, but it does have some effect. What I've discovered I prefer doing with it is applying it over my foundation or BB cream, since it gives a nice, dewy/glowy natural look. It makes my skin look healthier and fresh and seems to diminish fine lines.

In sum? I really like it. While I don't think it out-performs other products in leaps and bounds, it is a cheaper option and if you're like me you'll probably want to keep the package when the bottle's done. That's gotta be worth something ; ).

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