Mememe Beat the Blues Illuminators in Sunbeam and Moonbeam - review


I picked up these two illuminators a while back in the Bellabox shop at a discount. Like many of us, I love Mememe packaging and ordered these two based not only on research I'd done on their quality, but also from the look of them. And they come at an attractive price ($18.95 for 12ml).

Many will know Mememe as the brand whose packaging looks remarkably like Benefit's, offering some similar products to those in the Benefit range, but at a fraction of the price. While I don't like the idea of 'knock-offs', I think Mememe is still a stand-alone range that offers good value, quality products - some being more unique than others.

Note: I've just had a look at the Mememe website and it looks as though these items are only available at the moment in the shades Pearl Pink and Oyster Gold, which seem to align with the colours I bought. It may be that they've undergone a name change.

See above swatches of Moonbeam (left) and Sunbeam (right), and blended swatches below.


I love these illuminators and would definitely buy them again. I like the consistency and they blend well. Sunbeam is my favourite - the gold colour suits my skin tone more than the pink one.

What I like to do with these is mix some in with my primer (at a 1/1 ratio) and put foundation or BB cream over the top. I find this works better on my skin and leaves me with a 'lit from within' look, rather than a disco-ball face. I also like that they don't have noticeable glitter, or at least the glitter in them is finely milled.

If you want to buy these, keep an eye out on the Mememe website, since they often run specials.

Have you tried these products and, if so, do you like them? Do you have a favourite face illuminator that you use?

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