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I met a fellow foodie friend this week at Tall Timber in Prahran. I'd dropped by a couple of times before for a take away coffee and had been keen to try eating there for a while because a friend of mine swears by it. (Although, I've been wondering whether he in part likes it due to the generally young, attractive and female crowd I've encountered there on the few times I've popped in. Anyhoo...)

The coffee

The two take away coffees I've had from here were decent. They use Niccolo coffee and it's apparently roasted onsite. While I like it, the nearby Dukes probably serves the best coffee in the area.

Having said this, the whole Dukes experience is far too loud and bustling for me most days, and I'd prefer to come here. Tall Timber has a better layout and better seating options generally: there's a nicely decorated indoor area (which feels clean and fancy but not overdone), ample outdoor seating and a really lovely courtyard out the back - which suited us because my friend brought along her new baby and we were able to have some extra space and privacy.

The menu

As you'll see from the below photos, the breakfast menu is far more extensive than the lunch one. I liked the look of both, however, and had a few items in mind that I might choose from (I often do this when I can't decide between a few items - pick the one that first comes to mind when the waitress arrives). Note the breakfast menu isn't too breakfasty; as in, there's a lot I'd sit under the 'brunch' category and you're not confined to eggs, cereal and yoghurt.

The pricing is ok and pretty standard for the area. Breakfast is served all day and lunch runs from 12pm to 3pm. Since we arrived at 12pm, we had our pick from both menus (this was, of course, a deliberate manoeuvre by us and one we've done before). A couple of specials are run daily and there's a bundle of delicious looking sweets on the counter.

The service

While waiting for my friend, I initially sat inside and was served by a brunette lass with a serious attitude problem. I don't normally notice a bad attitude unless it's really bad, nor would I normally comment on it. When my friend arrived, the brunette's attitude problem was the first thing my friend noticed too. Happily, when we decided to move out to the courtyard, our new server was a lovely lass who was friendly and very helpful. She was attentive but not in-your-face: just the way service should be. The other staff who've served me in the past have been friendly and attentive too.

The food

I ordered the sautéed kale, asparagus and green beans on quinoa loaf with almonds, feta and dukkah. This dish is supposed to come with eggs too, but since I hate eggs with a passion (yeah yeah, I'm weird), I asked for mushrooms instead. The dish cost $15.50 and it was lovely. A great combination that felt healthy but not too healthy. It was filling and cooked just right. The feta and dukkah really made this dish. I would order it again.

My friend ordered the smashed avocado with harissa goats curd, served on quinoa loaf with charred corn salsa, coriander and lime ($15). This was one of the dishes on my short list and I'm glad I was able to see what it looked like. I liked the presentation (served on a wooden board) and the generous amount of avocado and goats curd it came with. A hearty dish, and one my friend enjoyed.


I would definitely go back here to give it another run. The menu is interesting without being too complex and Tall Timber is happy to accommodate dietary requirements etc. I also like that many dishes contain healthy ingredients and interesting flavours.


Tall Timber
60 Commercial Rd
Prahran 3181
Mon-Sun: breakfast, lunch

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