Bellabox June 2014 - unboxing and first impressions


Well, it finally arrived - my June Bellabox. On 5 July. I'm personally not that worried about the late delivery; this is the only late delivery I've ever had with Bellabox (aside from a late order from the shop), and as long as it shows up, I'll live.

Having said this, Bellabox managed the whole thing rather badly. We didn't hear early enough about the delays (I only got an email about them yesterday), and until this past week (when Bellabox happily seemed to respond to our gripes about substandard customer service), the company was completely non-responsive when it came to dealing with emails and telephone calls. I had to wait weeks to get a response about an issue I had - and I only got this response when I whinged on Facebook. I don't like doing that, and I don't like feeling forced into doing it. Anyway, I've said my piece on the customer service issue. Let's move on.

As you can see, I received none of the June sneak peak items - being the Kora mask, the Grown Alchemist hand cream and Garnier's BB cream. That's just plain wrong. Everyone should have received at least one of these items, if not all. Otherwise it's bordering on false advertising, no matter how many 'mays' you put into a sentence about what you can expect in the box. 

As far as I can see, the only item that should have been a sneak peak, if they were going to do things this way (as in, a huge variation in the quality/contents of the boxes), is the sample shampoo and conditioner, since it appears we all got those.

This month's theme was 'Iconic Beauty'. I don't know if I'd link any of the below products to that theme, but really, I'm just splitting hairs there ; )

Herbal Essences Naked Shine Shampoo and Conditioner (RRP $6.99 for 300ml; received 2x40ml samples)

While these are decent-sized samples and they happily come as a pair (don't you hate it when you receive only a shampoo or conditioner and thus can't properly trial a brand?), I've used these before and they're not right for my hair. I have dry hair. I need the heavy duty stuff. I won't be using these.

Burt's Bees Almond Milk Hand Cream (RRP $19.95 for 57g; received 7 g sample)

I was happy to receive this. It's a good-sized sample and a cute container that I'll likely re-use when the product's finished. I've just given it a go and it's nice and thick and moisturising (good for winter), but watch out for the smell! OMG hello fake almond. Fortunately the smell doesn't hang around too long on your hands - yay to that.

Indio Age Defence SPF30+ Sunscreen (RRP $76 for 100ml; received full size)

To be honest, I don't know how to feel about this product. I should probably feel grateful - it's worth $76 after all. But would I ever spend $76 on sunscreen? I'd much prefer to have a high-end foundation or face mask, and I'd much prefer to receive something that I may well buy again (that's one of the points of these boxes, I reckon - finding new goodies). I don't know whether this is just me. Anyhoo.

Innoxa Mineral Eye Shadow trio (RRP $14.95 for 27g; received full size)

These aren't wearable colours for many of us, and I've already received a jumble of blue and purple eyeshadows in subscription boxes. I'm sure the product's fine, I just won't use it. Another give-away item.

Olay Regenerist Revitalising Hydration Cream (RRP $34.99 for 50g; received 14g sample)

Ok, it's a decent-sized sample from a company many women love. But it's rather hoh-hum, isn't it? Like the shampoo, I've used it because it's easily found (and often on special from Priceline or Chemist Warehouse). I'd give this one away as a Christmas present; however the expiry date says 11/14. I don't like receiving products that don't give me at least a year before they expire, and I reckon that's fair enough.

Bonus: Nurtimetics Nutri-rich Nourishing Masque (RRP $39 for 75ml; received 5ml sample)

Meh, sachets. But I'm looking forward to trying this one. Nutrimetics is a company I've heard of but I've never used their stuff before so I'm glad I'll get a chance to.

Bonus Instyle Magazine (RRP $9.95)

This was a good inclusion in theory, but apparently it's also what caused the delays! Also, I was gifted a subscription to this mag, so I've already read it - though one can't grumble over that I guess.

In sum

'Meh' probably sums up this box for me. It's ok - not terrible, not good. The big ticket item was the sunscreen and I'll definitely use it, but receiving sunscreen in one of these is kind of like receiving socks at Christmas. Just not exciting.

What did others think of their boxes?

If you're interested in joining Bellabox, see here.

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