Lust Have It Women's Box August 2014 - unboxing and first impressions


As usual LHI was the last box to show up this month - just shy of September - even though I received LHI's tracking email over a week before the others. Ha. Hoh well. At least it arrived!

My excitement over receiving this was somewhat dulled because I got it quite a bit later than many others and had already seen what was in it. Really, I should learn to stay off Facebook when I know this has been sent out!

We received the mesh bag again, rather than those naff plastic ones. Thank golly. I've actually been using the mesh bag we received last month and it's not terrible quality. Hopefully the mesh is here to stay.

LHI does love including random vouchers that will most likely never get used, yes? Ha. Hopefully some subscribers will be using these, so the paper they're printed on isn't completely wasted. 

Don't get me wrong, I do like receiving vouchers and have used some before - but LHI seems to like including ones that aren't related to beauty (eg the HelloFresh vouchers we keep receiving). Hoh well.

Essenzza Fuss Free Naturals (RRP $6.95 for 25 wipes + mini wipes valued at $2.50)

It's funny, last month I had no face wipes left in the bathroom cabinet - and now I have these two plus three other packs (only one of which I bought myself)! Isn't that always the way? Still, these will never go astray and it's always nice to try out a new brand. I'd never heard of these guys before and the packaging is rather funky. Apparently they're textured on one side (to remove dirt/makeup more easily) and smooth on the other for 'a perfect finish'. Happy to give these a go.

UPDATE: Full review here. I've now used these and LOVE them. They've gone straight to the top of my face wipes list. The textured side is genius and these clean better than any other wipe I've used, plus they leave my face feeling exfoliated and toned. Gold!

Bioderma Crealine H20 (RRP $29.99 for 250ml; received 20ml sample)

Ach, this is the fourth sample I've received of this product in the past year from subscription boxes. Guys, it's been done! Having said this, I know many would be happy to see it - it's a cult item that a lot of people rave about. I've never been wowed by it myself. It's a gentle daily cleansing and makeup removing water for face and eyes. It is indeed gentle, but it's not for me - it doesn't feel like it does much. Still, I will use it.

UPDATE: Well, I've used this product a number of times. So many rave about it but I don't like it - I think it's too gentle for me and it really doesn't clean that well (particularly when it comes to eye makeup). I really hope I don't receive it for a fifth time (!).

Marsk Eyeshadow Brush (RRP $28.95; received full size)

I love receiving makeup brushes - reckon you can never have too many of them. It's a very light brush, which I don't like - I'd prefer there to be some weight to it. Kind of makes it feel cheap, even though it's probably not. According to the product card, its bristles have been precisely shaped/designed to create the perfect eye look. I'll let you know how I go with it once I've used it.

UPDATE: Honestly? Rubbish. I don't know how Marsk can say it's 'designed to create the perfect eye look'. It's not small enough to do the lid area nicely (so you can't get a good angle and end up with product spreading too high on your eye); it's not a good crease brush and it's not even good for the brow-bone area (puffier brushes work better for that - this one's way too flat). It also feels cheap and tacky. Avoid.

Eleven Australia Miracle Hair Treatment (RRP $24.95 for 125ml; received full size)

This was the sneak peek item. It's apparently a unique, all-in-one miracle hair treatment that works to add shine, smoothness and softness, control frizz and flyaways, while moisturising and strengthening fragile hair. The description states that it also prevents split ends, detangles, creates manageability and protects against heat styling/sun damage. Wow, that does indeed sound like a miracle hair treatment! Big claims. Looking forward to trying this out.

UPDATE: Full review here. This product is definitely moisturising and detangling, and it smells awesome. But it doesn't deal with my flyaways well and I can also 'feel' it on my hair, so it's a bit heavy but not terribly so. While I'll use it, I reckon John Frieda's Frizz Ease is still the best comparable product on the market.

BioElixia Bodyshaper Stretch Mark Diminishing Cream (RRP $39 for 125ml; received full size)

This aims to improve the visible appearance of stretch marks, skin texture and discolouration with a feeling of enhanced skin smoothness and softness by an average of 46% after four weeks of use, and 87% after eight weeks of use. More big claims! Glad to have received this and looking forward to giving it a crack.

UPDATE: I haven't noticed major changes from using this cream, but I don't think I've been using it long enough for that (so I'll do another review of this later). What I have noticed is that it seems to have an instantly tightening effect, and a little goes a long way so the tube should last for a while. I've still got high hopes for this one so stay tuned! Full review here.

In sum

This was a good box containing products I'll definitely use. While it wasn't the most exciting box I've received (I preferred last month's in that sense), it's probably a better box overall because nothing will get wasted and it doesn't contain eg any cheap eyeshadows in useless colours that no one wants. Definitely happy with this one. A good birthday box from LHI!

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