Back from a short 'life' break today!


Just a short note if anyone wonders (or cares ; )) where I've been after over a month of somewhat, erm, obsessive blogging.

I took a few days off. Gosh I tense up just to say the word... BREAK.

But I needed one and can't wait to clog up everyone's news feeds with posts again. So be warned - I've got some coming.

I will try to be restrained and not post 564 today. Promise ; )

Does anyone else struggle to sit back and take a breather sometimes when you get lost in doing things you love or submerged in piles of work you can't see the end of? My golly I do. But I learned a while back that sometimes you just have to do it. Otherwise you'll explode and that ain't pretty for anyone.

All I've done these past days is spend time with my dog and eat far too much good food. Not exactly a holiday in Hawaii, but did the trick. Waahooooo!

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